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Are you ready for some hardcore clicking or tapping? Then our free clicker games are the best place to be! Choose what you want to collect, open the game and get to clicking!

What are online clicker games?

Clicker games are a specific type of game, where the only activity is to click or tap. Whatever it is you are tapping, for doing so you are collecting coins or any other kind of currency, which you then can spend to improve your earning rate or speed. These upgrades can be automated clickers, time boosters, and other fun features! Clicker games are also usually idle, which means that the gameplay proceeds even when you are not playing anymore - come back in later and you will have progressed! If you would like to see other games like this, check out our free idle games online.

Overall, the goal of clicker games is the same as in tycoon games - you want to be the best and beat the record of collected value! Just keep clicking, upgrading, then clicking some more, and so on. It will get addictive, as with each new achievement you will want to reach the next one. If you are all about reaching that leaderboard, we recommend playing our fun high score games, too!

What are the best online clicker games?

Each clicker game has its own collectible - it can be anything, starting from cookies to even silly poop clicker games! Whatever it is, choose your game and click, click, click! When your fingers are tired from clicking and tapping, we have a lot of cool games online for free, that will help you relax!

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