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Tired of All the Rules?  

Move this way, not that way. When it’s your turn, you can do this and that, but you can’t do that, and make sure you remember to xyz. Look – we all love next-generation browser games, but sometimes, you just want to relax. You don’t want to constantly think about obeying the rules, looking for power-ups, earning high scores, staying alive and so on and so forth. If this describes you, then consider yourself officially invited to our idle games category! What exactly are idle clicker games? Well, like most genres in the industry, online idle games are always changing and growing. No matter how many fancy upgrades these get, however, they’ll always rely on one key concept: clicking! If your brain wants to wind down, and your finger doesn’t mind a workout, then these top idle games are perfect for you. 

Idle Games Are the Clicker’s Playground

In a nutshell, the best idle games are all about a more “hands-off,” yet still very fun and addicting play style. You begin the game with zero or very little resources, and to gain more, you have to perform very simple actions. You don’t need to set off on some long and winding “hero’s journey” to find what you need – you just need to click on items on the screen. That’s it! For example, maybe you start the game as a farmer. If you want to make money this growing season, you’ll have to click on plants to make them grow. As you get farther in the game, you may have the opportunity to use better equipment, buy new fields to farm and so on and so forth. Eventually, you will have a massive farm that generates huge amounts of money. These idle clicker games are also called “idle tycoon games,” because by the end of the game, you’ll be wealthy and powerful. See? No rules! Let’s review what else these games have in store for you.  

Build Towering Structures

Some of these RPG browser titles put you in charge of construction. Maybe you’re an aspiring real estate mogul, and you want to buy properties. Click to get the rooms all set up, and as you get more renters, you make more money, buy more properties, and do it all again! By the end of the game, you might own half of the city, who knows? Of course, if you like a bit more fantasy with your online idle games, we offer some of the best clickers of 2019 that allow you to build formidable castle defenses, towers and other impressive structures. Whatever it is that you’re building, all you have to do is click, and you’ll build more.

Gather Precious Resources

There are many really good clicker games, both old and new, that involve hoarding massive amounts of resources. Idle miner games, for example, put you in charge of entire mining crews. Help your miners to extract gold, diamonds, or other precious materials by clicking around on the worksite. As you make more money, you’ll be able to spend it on sweet equipment upgrades, new mining sites and so on and so forth. Prefer greenbacks to glittery gems? If you don’t want to get any dirt under your fingernails, that’s okay, too. Many of these free idle games will reward your consistent clicking with cash! Virtual cash, of course, but cash nonetheless.  

Start Slow, Then Build Momentum 

Our best piece of advice for anyone looking to get into idle games unblocked is to be a little patient at the beginning. You may have a moment where you say to yourself, “man, it’s going to take me forever to hit that first goal of 10,000 gold!” but don’t worry. While the first few minutes may seem to drag on, these games are all about momentum. Think about it: if you only have one or two items to click on that produce units for you, it’s definitely going to take a while. But, if you can buy a third and fourth item, or if you can buy upgrades to make your items produce more units faster, then your profits will ramp up. You’ll make more money faster, then buy even more upgrades, and make money even faster, and so on and so forth. What takes you half an hour to earn at the beginning might take you ten seconds later on in the game!

The Best Part? It Plays When You Don’t!

This is by far our favorite feature that almost all idle games have. In most idle games, clicking produces extra units for you, but you can still make units without doing anything at all. So, if you still need lots of money to make it to that next upgrade, but you have to go to school or work or whatever, you can just walk away and let it play! It won’t earn quite as fast as if you were there, but it will still bring in a lot of units while you’re gone. Then, you can simply sit back down and keep going – isn’t that amazing? This works for idle rpg games, idle miner games and virtually every other idle game around.  

Clickers and Idles: Close Cousins

Some people get a little cross-eyed when trying to figure out the difference between clicker games and idle games. There is a ton of overlap between these two genres, but some clickers aren’t considered “idle.” In some clickers, for example, you have to click on enemies very quickly before they can attack you. This isn’t idle at all – if you walked away, you would surely be defeated! Almost every idle game, though, is still considered a clicker because you need to click to make more units. Make sense? To help clear this up, and for fun, of course, we have an entire section dedicated just to clicker games. Whether it’s a mellow idle game or a fast-paced flurry of clicker action, we know you’ll have a blast!

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