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Check Out These Bouncing, Bubbly Baby Hazel Games!

There’s adorable, there’s precious, and then there are these Baby Hazel games. This lovable little girl has already won the hearts of so many thousands of gamers across the world, so we thought it only fitting that she got her own category. Besides, it didn’t take us long to notice that she was gaining a ton of popularity! There are so many free Baby Hazel games online today, a girl can barely keep up. So, having a free category like this to play will help you to get your baby fix all in one place. Close those other six tabs, clear your schedule, and get ready to have a ton of fun in these cute and amazing games. Our favorite part? Even though they feature the same main character, some of these games have totally different gameplay styles. It’s more variety than you might expect, thanks to the developers switching it up. You’ll see…

Prepare to Be Busy

If you’ve never played these games before, and if you’re not a parent, you might be thinking to yourself, “So, you just play with and take care of a baby? That doesn’t sound like there would be much to do, or much drama to enjoy.” Oh boy, are you mistaken. These games are busy, busy, busy – just like our rosy-cheeked protagonist. She’s at that phase of toddler life where she’s old enough to run around and play, but not so old that she forgot what fun is like some of us (hey, just being honest). For those of you who have or have had toddlers before, you know exactly what we’re talking about. These games turn everyday tasks into fun, crazy, and sometimes even stressful situations. That’s what having a beautiful little kid is all about – dealing with the unexpected on a daily basis. All Baby Hazel games will have at least one wrench in the gears, which makes it that much more realistic. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best sub-categories from these free online Baby Hazel games.  


Man, if she keeps this up, she’s going to be a gourmet chef one day for sure! For the moment, though, Baby Hazel definitely needs a little help in the kitchen. She has all the spirit and energy in the world, but she hasn’t quite mastered the basics. It’s your job in these fun Baby Hazel cooking games to help her find and prepare the ingredients, put them together in the right order, and of course, cook them! Don’t worry, you don’t have to eat the final product in real life. Although, after a few go-rounds, you might be surprised by what Baby Hazel can make. We’re not talking boiled broccoli here, but some seriously tasty treats. If you’re on a diet, this is the perfect therapy for you. Feast your eyes (and not your stomach) on all the cake, cookies, brownies, and ice cream you can handle!

Poor Baby Is Sick!

Aw, that’s no good. Maybe poor Baby Hazel picked up a bug at daycare, or maybe she was out playing too late without her coat on. Either way, she’s under the weather, and she needs your help! These girl Baby Hazel games are really popular among our female fans, but that doesn’t mean a young boy can’t embrace his nurturing side as well. After all, it’s helpful to learn how to take care of a sick little baby when it’s your turn to do it in real life! Get the thermometer, ice packs, and everything else you need ready, because you are going to get that girl better if it makes you sick in the process. That’s the love of a parent at work, which is the role you take on when you play these Baby Hazel games. She needs you, so let’s make sure you can help her get back to her usual, cheerful self!

A Fun-Filled Day

You know kids. They don’t need much more than a cardboard box to have an adventure. Every day you wake up, your little one is going on about something else they want to do. It’s that same whimsical curiosity and zeal for life that we’ve made sure to include in this category, because it makes kids so fun to be around. What we’re getting at is, many of these new Baby Hazel games are just about everyday routines that you wouldn’t find that exciting on your own. Riding in a bus, cleaning a mess, getting ready for dinner, and so on and so forth. Kids have a way of making everything fun, and that’s what we’re capturing in this category. In other words, don’t walk in with expectations of grand adventures involving faraway trips and bad guys. To a kid, you can make that happen with a crayon and a piece of paper!

Need a Baby Break? Follow Us

We’ve already established that, like all kids, Baby Hazel is fun, imaginative, and filled with energy. This is part of what makes her beautiful, but it also requires energy for you to participate. This is another thing that parents will understand – you’re tired! Even when they’re just games, you can become mentally tired caring for this little one. She’s hungry one second, bored the next, and talking your ear off the whole time. If it’s a break you crave, then it’s a break you shall have in these girl games. Depart from the baby theme for a moment and just fly around as a princess or a butterfly (or both!) Or, you can keep the action going with a wide selection of kids games that are filled with awesome characters and many, many play styles. Until then, we know you’ll have tons of fun watching after that little rug rat in these Baby Hazel games!

Baby Hazel Skin Care
Baby Hazel Helping Time
Baby Hazel Photoshoot
Baby Hazel Laundry Time
Baby Hazel Leg Injury
Baby Hazel Doctor Dressup
Baby Hazel Dressmaker Dressup
Baby Hazel Ice Princess Dressup
Hazel and Mom&s;s Recipes
Baby Hazel Adventure Book
Baby Hazel Dining Manners
Baby Hazel Easter Fun
Baby Hazel Eye Care
Baby Hazel Family Picnic
Baby Hazel Lighthouse Adventure
Baby Hazel Mischief Time
Baby Hazel Garden Party
Baby Hazel Hair Care
Baby Hazel Kitchen Fun
Baby Hazel Gingerbread House
Baby Hazel Thanksgiving Day
Baby Hazel Christmas Time
Baby Hazel Winter Fashion
Baby Hazel Christmas Surprise
Baby Hazel Christmas Dream
Baby Hazel Reindeer Surprise
Baby Hazel Tea Party
Baby Hazel Spa Bath
Baby Hazel Bathroom Hygiene
Baby Hazel Annual Day
Baby Hazel Gardening Time
Baby Hazel Cooking Time
Baby Hazel Daycare
Baby Hazel Parrot Care
Baby Hazel New Year Party
Baby Hazel Newyear Bash
Baby Hazel Skin Trouble
Baby Hazel Earth Day
Baby Hazel Hand Fracture
Baby Hazel Pumpkin Party
Baby Hazel Halloween Crafts
Baby Hazel Halloween Night
Baby Hazel Halloween Castle
Baby Hazel Preschool Picnic
Baby Hazel Sibling Trouble
Baby Hazel Sibling Suprise
Baby Hazel Siblings Day
Baby Hazel School Hygiene
Baby Hazel Thanksgiving Fun
Baby Hazel Spa Makeover
Baby Hazel Royal Bath
Baby Hazel Thanksgiving Makeover
Baby Hazel Fishing Time
Baby Hazel Fairyland Ballet
Baby Hazel Fairyland
Baby Hazel Dinosaur Park
Baby Hazel Friendship Day
Baby Hazel Birthday Party
Baby Hazel Birthday Surprise
Baby Hazel Craft Time
Baby Hazel Halloween Party
Baby Hazel Alien Friend
Baby Hazel Summer Fun
Baby Hazel Brushing Time
Baby Hazel Science Fair
Baby Hazel Backyard Party
Baby Hazel Bed Time
Baby Hazel Fathers Day
Baby Hazel First Rain
Baby Hazel Stomach Care
Baby Hazel in Preschool
Baby Hazel Dental Care
Baby Hazel Dolphin Tour
Baby Hazel Goes Sick
Baby Hazel Hygiene Care
Baby Hazel Pet Party
Baby Hazel Fancy Dress
Baby Hazel Gums Treatment
Baby Hazel Sibling Care
Baby Hazel Fun Time
Baby Hazel Newborn Vaccination
Baby Hazel Naughty Cat
Baby Hazel Playdate
Baby Hazel Swimming Time
Baby Hazel Sports Day
Baby Hazel Tree House
Baby Hazel Valentines Day
Baby Hazel Winter Fun
Baby Hazel African Safari
Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance
Baby Hazel Flower Girl
Baby Hazel Kitchen Time
Baby Hazel New Born Baby
Baby Hazel Granny House
Baby Hazel Pet Doctor
Baby Hazel Doctor Play
Baby Hazel Tomato Farming
Baby Hazel Farm Tour
Baby Hazel Learns Manners
Baby Hazel Learns Vehicles
Baby Hazel Learn Animals
Baby Hazel Learn Colors
Baby Hazel Learn Shapes
Baby Hazel At Beach

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