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Flex Your Brain and Score Big with Free Educational Games

We know that you can run, jump, fly and shoot with the best of them, but what if you could earn points for that really important muscle – you know, the one in your head! To test your brainpower, we’ve created the ultimate online educational games category with all kinds of questions. You won’t have to worry about bad guys, explosions, or wiping out and starting over. You will have to worry about getting each question right and solving each problem with minimal mistakes. Your brain is the most important muscle in the body. Without it, you can’t do anything at all! Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could exercise this muscle and have fun at the same time? Well, now you can!

Test Your Smarts with Fun Questions and Clues

When exercising your brain, anything goes! That’s why we have included all kinds of games into this category – the more variety there is in the questions and problems, the more of a workout your brain gets. For that reason, this online educational games category will test your knowledge of shapes, numbers, words, colors, and all kinds of stuff that helps you to learn, which is why these are perfect games for kids online. Don’t worry, we’ve made it super fun with silly characters, beautifully designed game worlds, and all kinds of special features! We want to show you that learning doesn’t have to be boring. After just a few minutes in this category, you’ll see just how fun it can actually be. What exactly can you expect once you make your way inside? Check these knowledge gems out!

Color Craziness

Is that purple or mauve? Did that look more like sky blue or robin’s egg blue? Colors can be very tricky to figure out as it is. Throw in a timer and a rapid-fire play format, and you’re in for a serious challenge! We have tons of other titles in this online educational games category that will test your sense of different colors, too. Your brain will have to be ready to switch gears, because in some of these games, the question topics rotate from numbers, to colors, to something completely different! However, if you want to use color to draw some pretty pictures, we have a collection of drawing games, where you can color and make your own art!

Find the Difference

One of the hardest things for our brains to do is to pick out differences in two pictures that look very similar. Have you ever played a game like that? It feels like you could look and look for hours without finding the differences, but sure enough, something is a little bit off. If you’re ready for this tough challenge, start scanning with those eagle eyes! It might just be a shoelace that’s undone in one picture or a tiny little number in the corner, but there’s always something different between the two images. If you get stuck, try taking a five-minute break and coming back to it. If you can hang in there for just a few levels, this is like a super-workout for your brain! We have combined all of the free spot-the-difference games in one collection, so check it out!

Anything goes!

Who knows what else you might be asked when venturing into this free educational games category? Like we said, when it comes to exercising your brain, the more variety, the better. We might ask you what 2 + 7 is (did you get 9? That’s right! Train with our fun math games), and then immediately after, we’ll ask you to pick out a pattern in a line of shapes. You have to be ready for any challenge, just like in real life. This will help you to handle problems in school, at home or anywhere else you need to use your brain. We know you’re smart enough to handle it – you just have to make that brain work.

The More You Learn, the Better You Get!

The best thing about learning is that it never stops. It keeps growing into bigger and more interesting things, like a snowball rolling downhill. These online educational games are a fantastic way to get that ball rolling. Once you learn all your numbers and colors, you can move onto fancy word games. Then, you can do riddles, history, music, and the list goes on and on forever! The more you learn, the more you want to learn. Your brain will keep growing while you have fun with these free educational games, so don’t stop! Try them all, show off your smarts, and enjoy the benefits of these brain-boosting workouts.

Microsoft Sudoku
Mirror Light
Learning English: Word Connect
Crazy Math
Kitty Scramble
Slide Puzzle
Wheel of Rewards
Millionaire Quiz HD
Word Sauce
Water Flow
Cash Back
Numbers Challenge
Learn To Draw Glow Cartoon
Word Holiday
Learning Farm Animals: Educational Games For Kids
Kid Maestro
Neon Words
Free Words
Words Family
Words Party
OMG Word Pop
Wordy Night
EG Pic Quiz
EG Word Brain
2 Pics 1 Word
Words Cracker
Word Chef
Words Block
Word Wood
Kids Scrambled Word
4 Pics 1 Word
Xmas Word Puzzles
Word Cookies Online
Word Scramble Animals
Word Adventures
Baby Hazel Dining Manners
Baby Hazel Hygiene Care
My Teacher Classroom Fun
Gladiator Wars Memory
Zoo Trivia
Alphabet Memory
Geometry Fresh
Dot to Dot Shapes Kids Education
School Fun
Spell School
Back to School Memory
Maths Challenge
Back to School Mahjong
School Connect
School Mahjong Deluxe
Back to School Puzzle
Kids Mathematics
Math Nerd
Math Puzzles
Kids Mathematics Game
Math Tank
Primary Math
Car Parking Math
Math Train Addition
Christmas &a; Math
Christmas Math
Math Game Multiple Choice
Basic Math
Math Skill Puzzle
Math Quiz Game
Arty Mouse Learn ABC
Kid Games Learn With Funny Animals
Baby Hazel Learn Animals
Fun Learning for Kids
Kids Learning Farm Animals Memory
Find Cat 2
Sort It 3D
Brain Teaser
Pirate Riddle
Kids Memory Wild Animals
Connect Dots
Happy Glass Puzzles 2
Super Stacker
Xmas Sudoku
Draw One Line
Word Jumble
Word a Minute
Hangman Capitals Cities
Captain Hangman
Scatty Maps Asia
USA Map Challenge
Scatty Maps Europe
Scatty Maps Africa
Word Search Hollywood Search
Amazing Word Search
Word Search
Happy Glass Puzzles
Construct A Bridge

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