Doodle God Games

Become a Celestial Creator of Life!

Is it fair to say that playing these Doodle God games is the purest form of a “God complex” that you can get? Maybe it’s a bit egotistical, but they are really, really fun! Developed by JoyBits Limited in 2015, Doodle God (and its spinoffs) was made to put players in charge of the universe – literally. Your job is to use your divine powers to create, well, everything. Vehicles, animals, technologies, people, plants, and literally everything you can think of are up for grabs in this game. It may seem an impossible task to us lowly and short-sighted humans, but for Doodle God, nothing could be more commonplace. It all starts from the most basic elements.

How to Play Doodle God Games

Think of Doodle God as the ultimate crafter. All He needs to create something is two elements. Speaking of elements, at the very beginning of this game, you start with just the most basic elements around the fire, water, knowledge, space, and so on. It’s your job to open up a category, select an element, and combine it with another element to create something new. If your two ingredients don’t blend with each other to make something new, then you will have to pick something else until you’ve found a winning combination. As you create more and more things, you will unlock new “groups” of possible materials. For example, a tool is a group, vehicle another, and so on.  

Tips for Success

It may be tempting to click around like a madman until you just mash together a bunch of items, but it’s a lot more satisfying if you take the time to think of what you want. In a way, this is almost like reverse-engineering God’s thought process. We already know that rocket ships, cars, and lizards exist, so if you just take a second to think about what the building blocks for these items would be, you can create them. For example, combining an airplane with space will give you a rocket ship! Then, since you now have an item you didn’t have before, you open up new crafting recipes involving rocket ships. And so on until you’ve created the universe.

Mastered the Universe, Have You?

It’s obviously no small task, but if you somehow managed to create your way through an entire universe of beings, inanimate and living, then our hats off to you. Remember, though: God only rested for one day. Take a second to pat yourself on the back, but then it’s time to get back to work! When you’re ready to keep flexing your brain, head over to our free crafting games for more opportunities to make cool stuff. You can also check out idle games collection of amassing huge stockpiles of resources without having to work for it. Who doesn’t love the sound of that? Until then, we’ll hope to see your white beard waving in the wind as you preside over the earth in these Doodle God games.

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