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Combine the things all around you and craft something completely new! Make your own world using blocks or other materials, or design your dream city in these amazing crafting and building games!

What are online crafting games?

Crafting games allow the player to build the playing environment or combine existing elements to craft new items. As these games are all about making progress and developing the game, they are part of our huge adventure game collection. Usually, the game is played in the first-person mode or by controlling a character. First, materials must be found in the game, and then they can be melded into new things. If you like to be the one to develop your own gaming experience, you might also enjoy the achievement-based idle games. However, if you want to play something more laid back, check out our funny clicker games.

3D block crafting games

3D block games are like the very known Minecraft - the player must get blocks and craft them into new items, and it is possible to build nearly anything using the blocks. The easy gameplay is also what makes these games one of the best crafting games! If you enjoy the role of a builder, you might find some other games fun in our amazing collection of simulation games.

What are the best crafting games?

If you don't know what to craft first, we can recommend these

  • Start with simple wood and craft your way to everything that can be crafted! - Grindcraft

  • In this survival crafting game which is like Minecraft, you must craft and create shelter from danger  - Block World

  • Start with base elements and combine them to create everything there is in the world - Doodle God: Fantasy World of Magic

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