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What started off as a random idea in 2015 (and even earlier, perhaps) has blossomed into an entirely new world for gamers of all kinds. A lot of people still don’t understand why they’re called “io” games, sometimes referred to as “.io,” so let us explain. Several years ago, game developers randomly started creating and hosting games on websites that ended in .io. Contrary to popular belief, this refers to a website, not an iPhone mobile game. Io actually stands for the British-owned “Indian ocean” territory. It’s just a random suffix, like “.au” for Australia or “.gr” for Greece. It didn’t take long for these games to really take off, and more and more game creators started to publish under these domains. Today, the .io games list numbers in the hundreds, if not thousands, and it’s not slowing down.

Each of these Io Games Is an Instant Classic

What makes .io games so cool? Each one is unique in its own right, but in general, most of them share some common characteristics. The design and animations are bright and simple, and the gameplay is equally easy to understand. You can play as a solo player in an arena of competitors, or you can team up with others to take on a huge boss. There are plenty of genres buried within this io games category, and they’ll only continue to expand as developers come up with new and exciting ways to play. Of course, all .io games owe a debt of gratitude to the classics that came before them, and many of these newer games take advantage of well-known tricks and gameplay styles. 

War and Strategy

What kind of warrior are you? Do you prefer to fortify yourself behind castle walls and launch boulder after boulder at the invading force, or are you more of a “boots on the ground” type of fighter? Do you prefer to do your own thing or command an entire army to surround the enemy? Whether you’re a strategist or a lone wolf, a sniper or a berserker, our constantly growing .io games list has plenty of trouble for you to get into. Not every war is fought with knights and castles, by the way. Some of these games bring a whole new perspective to large-scale combat, and it’s really exciting to see different styles blending together. Either way, if you’re always up for a good fight, these new io games will give you plenty to shoot at, punch, and even eat. 

Remastered Arcade

As the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Just because these fun io games are on the scene, doesn’t mean they have to always bring an entirely new play style. If you just love to play classic arcade games, this .io games category brings you an awesome opportunity that the generations of players in the 80s and 90s didn’t have. Now, you can play your favorite arcade games online with other players! Can you imagine how much fun classic snake games would have been online? Now, you can play dozens of similar games against real people. If you’re competitive, you will find it very hard to put some of these down – especially since some of them literally never end.

New and Weird

Of course, we have to go the opposite direction now and try something completely new and weird. How about a massive multiplayer experience that pits you against horse-riding aliens, real enemies, huge bosses, and all kinds of environmental challenges?  Io games are a perfect example of the power of community and simplicity. Even in, where you simply trace colored paper around a shared “battlefield,” you can find yourself laughing, sitting at the edge of your seat, and having a great time as you compete against other players. It’s a great time to be a gamer, even if all you have is a dinky little computer and an Internet connection because you’re bound to find something new and weird to play online.

Even Arena-Style MMO Titles

Playing against four or five opponents is one thing, but what would you do if someone dropped you into a huge environment with 65 players? Enjoy nonstop, shoulder-to-shoulder action in our .io games list, which offers tons of MMO-style games to keep you on your toes. Momentum is a really important factor in these games, as you’ll soon find out. Once you hop into a game, you’re probably starting way behind. Be patient, rack up as many points as you can, and slowly catch up to your competitors. It may take several minutes or even hours, but eventually, you’ll see your name at the top of that leaderboard! 

The Indian Ocean Won’t Dry Up Anytime Soon

However you like to play, we’ve got plenty of .io games action for you to experience. The world first thought this was some isolated trend that would soon find its way back to the depths of the Indian Ocean, where it started, but it has only grown since then. And why not? You deserve to have multiplayer games that are free, fun, and full of surprises. If this sounds like you, then pull up our .io games list today and see what all the excitement is about. Just remember: it takes a little time to become the best! 

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