Snake Games

Where It All Began

Long before we had RPGs, character classes, realistic levels and all the other fancy bells and whistles that modern gamers love, we had snake. Well, before snake games hit it big, we had “blockade,” a 70s arcade classic that paved the way for snake’s release in the 90s. The concept was super simple, but it’s been repeated in countless sequels and spinoffs. You start out as a small, simple line. In the classic version, your play area is an empty box. Food appears – in the form of a small blip on the screen – for you to eat and grow larger. The larger you grow, the more points you score, but beware of your tail! If you bonk into either of the four walls or yourself, your meal is over. 

A New Wave of Cool Snake Games

Of course, gaming has come a long way since 1997. Designers have made tons of cool snake games to play if you love the classic but want a new twist. If you’re a fan of the classics, you can still find the original version, but even snake games classic versions will at least throw a little color in there. For everyone else, there are 3D versions, different kinds of snakes, new enemies, and all kinds of crazy situations. What started out as a single game has created an entire snake games online genre! Of course, no matter how advanced these games become, they always have to show respect to the classics. It doesn’t mean that they have to be limited in their creativity, but there has to be some kind of snake-like creature, a growing tail, and a dangerous game environment. As long as those elements are there, it’s a wonderful combination of old and new.

Play Unblocked Snake Games for Free!

Chomping at the bit to try out these snake games online? Don’t let a silly game blocker get in your way – we certainly don’t! That’s right, there’s no reason to give up that easily, because these snake cool math games are here for you no matter what. All you need is a computer and a web browser. There is no installation, no long loading times, and no cost. Just pop open a tab and the game loads up in seconds for you to play! That’s what we mean by “snake unblocked games.” The only thing in your way is your own tail. And a wall. And three other walls. You get the point. Once you’re in and ready to play, if you haven’t logged on to snake in a decade or so, you might be surprised at what’s in store.

Customizable Characters

You play snake games as much more than just a snake nowadays, which is something we love about this category. Of course, you need to be able to squirm around on your belly, so a worm is the best stand-in (or should we say “slither in”) for our usual hero. In addition to playing as one of many cool worm characters, you can customize your snake to reflect your personality. Choose a body type, a face, different colors, and all kinds of symbols to represent yourself. You can even wear your nation’s flag in some of these games! It’s like a gauntlet of Olympic proportions, and there’s only one way to win: get a higher score than last time. There’s no boss and no levels (except for a couple of these updated versions), but plenty of room for one-upping each other’s scores and looking awesome while you do it. 

Fun and Challenging Variations

Looking cool is one thing, but what about the actual gameplay? What if you had all kinds of obstacles to slither around? What if, instead of the same old square that you have to slither around in, you had an actual course that you could navigate in 3D? These snake games for kids are all about updated graphics and creative ways to feed that unlikely hero. The early spinoffs that came right after snake’s original release, like Nibbler, put you in a maze, added colors and even started to introduce some enemies. We’ve taken those concepts and expanded on them tenfold. Sometimes, it’s even ridiculous! Hey, who said these games have to be serious and make sense? As long as you’re having fun, that’s all that matters. Speaking of, in some of these games, you’re not the only snake in the grass, you know…

Even Online Multiplayer Snake!

Ever heard of snake io games, or io games in general? The classic awesomeness of snake has now made its way to the bustling io space, which is super exciting on so many levels. Real people from all over the world can now compete against each other in tons of snake spinoffs! Typically, the snake who grows the largest wins, and if you come across an enemy, the smaller of the two snakes is destroyed. This is just one type of our io snake games, however – you’ll just have to “dig around” a bit to check out the rest.

The Arcade Awaits

With everything that’s new in the world of snake online games, you could probably spend days just testing out all of these awesome titles. Of course, Snake wasn’t the only game involved in the arcade boom. One of our biggest and most popular categories, in fact, is filled with some of the arcade games that helped support this movement. Whether you’re a snake, a wily warrior, an airplane or whatever else, just remember that these games are all about fun. When you play for fun, you never lose!    

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