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Open a time capsule from the past and play the old game classics! In this category, you will find beloved masterpieces of the gaming world that started the video game frenzy. Let's time travel to the past!

What are retro games?

Retro games are arcade games that have been around so long that they are now seen as classics! Nowadays they might seem old as most of them were invented and developed in the '70s or '80s. Since then, these games have of course been updated and reimagined so that we can play them on a modern device rather than a gaming cabinet, but some game developers have chosen to keep the retro look, so you might see pixel game graphics and the typical retro game sounds. If you enjoy the old-style game design, we also have a whole collection of pixel games that feature both old and new generation games.

Atari retro games

Atari is a game developer that started the gaming industry! Exactly Atari created the first-ever commercially successful video game in the early 1970s, thus writing their name in history. Atari released many arcade games that are popular even today and that's why they have deserved the spot in our retro games category as well as a separate page just for classic Atari games. Play an Atari game to try truly historic gameplay!

What are the best free retro games online?

In our collection of retro games, you will find a lot of classic arcade games like Tetris, Minesweeper, and others. Most of these games have hundreds of variations out in the world, so we also have categories dedicated to a single game, like our selection of free Tetris games and pinball games online. But overall, all the best retro games can be found in this category!

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