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Enjoy retro game style with modern gameplay! Explore your creative side by creating art with pixels or join an adventure in pixelated worlds.

What are pixel games?

Pixel games are all kinds of games that are made with pixel art, which is a game design style that uses the retro approach to games. Simple, pixelated graphics are what make pixel games so unique! In this collection, you can find building games, puzzle games, and even shooting games, where all of them feature very distinct pixel graphics. If you love old-style games, check out our collection of cool retro games, and also the original Atari games! We can also recommend our online arcade games, where you will definitely find a game of your liking.

Pixel art games

Pixel art games are where you can really let your creativity shine! In these games, you can color in ready figures or make your own drawings. Color in pixel by pixel and watch how the tiny fragments make a complete picture! If you love artsy games, check out our collection of free coloring games!

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