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Spin to Win with Fidget Spinner Games Galore!

It all started with a little ball bearing and a simple piece of plastic. The era of the fidget spinner has already captured the world’s attention, and for good reason. These little trinkets are the perfect boredom killer, and now, they’re the star of countless fidget spinner games online! We love these toys so much, we’ve dedicated an entire online category to free fidget spinner games. Come inside, and you’ll find tons of new ways to have fun with this amazing trinket. Everything is unblocked, completely free to play, and all for your entertainment.

Trick Out Your Spinner

Before you get to spinning, of course, you will need to show off your style. Some of these fidget spinners games allow you to customize your “rig” from the beginning, and others require you to earn the skins first. Either way, there’s no point to spinning if you aren’t going to spin in style. Choose your color and pattern, and change it whenever you want. It’s more than just looks, too. If you earn enough points in some of these free fidget spinner games, you can even upgrade for better bearings, which means more RPMs!

Enjoy Multiple Game Modes

Obviously, fidget spinners only do one thing – spin. That’s in real life, though. The entire point of free online games is to take normal characters and situations and turn them into extraordinary things! Why not make a planet-sized fidget spinner that you can land on and launch off of? It’s all about being creative and whacky – just having fun with it. In this spirit, we’ve made sure to include plenty of fidget spinner games for free that test the boundaries of this whirring, whizzing contraption that has captured all of our affection. Check out some of the awesome game modes below. 

Collect Them

When we say “collect,” we mean that in multiple ways. First and foremost, by spinning farther and faster, setting personal bests and earning loot, a lot of these free fidget spinner games let you unlock new spinners and build a collection. You can trade up and use your new spinners, or if you’re a softie for tradition, stick with the first one and keep building your collection anyway. The other way to collect them is to literally find them in the game as tokens. We don’t want to give too much away, but there’s a particularly “hot” title in our category that challenges you to do this in a fun way.

Spin Them

As mentioned, if you just want to play a super quick, simple and addictive game, there are plenty of fidget spinner games online that act just like a real fidget spinner. The spinner is on the screen, just waiting for you to give it your best shot. Swipe or click and drag to let that spinner fly, and watch your stats. Depending on the game, you can check your average RPM or count the actual number of revolutions in a set amount of time. Just don’t swipe too hard if you’re playing on your phone – we don’t want it to go flying from your hand!

Who Knows What Else?

Are you beginning to see all of the possibilities coming to life? It’s way more than a bearing and a piece of plastic – it’s a boredom-killing entertainment machine of endless potential. When it comes to free and unblocked games, there are so many ways to incorporate fidget spinners into the game environment, the characters, and even the loot system. It’s all about being creative, and that’s what these game designers did. So, keep an open mind when you’re looking for fidget spinner games to play, because some of these game modes are totally out there!

Set an Insane Record 

Now that we’ve covered the many ways to whiz and whir your way through one of several fun and creative game modes, let’s talk high scores! Fidget spinner high score games make for the perfect challenge, because all of the “ingredients” of an awesome high score game are there. You’ve got an easily repeatable test of speed, and more than one way to measure your score: RPMs, top speed, points, etc. Just spin, restart, and keep doing it until you’ve become king of the leaderboard. If you’re still hungry for high score glory after that, we have an entire category of high score games for you to try!

Ridiculous RPMs

Of course, not all high scores are created equal. You may be able to spin for the longest, for example, but can you make the most revolutions from a single spin? You may think there isn’t a whole lot of technique involved with fidget spinning, but it’s quickly becoming an internationally recognized sport! Make sure you pay attention to what your particular fidget spinner game asks for, and if it’s RPMs, give that thing a spin that it will never forget.

Time Trials

If you really like being under the gun, you can find fidget spinner high score games that put you on the clock. It doesn’t matter how long you can spin the thing, or what your average RPMs are, because these games are all about getting as many revolutions in a short time as possible! You’re definitely going to want a super hard spin on this one, because once that clock runs out, so do your chances for an awesome high score. Good luck, spin well, and have fun.    

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