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Feeling Like Royalty? Let’s Play Chess!

If you thought that some of these classic games from the 70s and 80s were old, wait until you hear how long chess games have been around! Of course, chess games online have only been running for a couple of decades, but the game itself is said to be more than 1400 years old! That’s right, it started in India, spread through Europe and eventually took the world by storm. Free chess games are good for the brain, and we’ve made sure all of our titles are completely unblocked so you can conquer your enemies whenever and wherever you want. Enjoy 2-player multiplayer versions or play vs. computer on your own, whichever you prefer. However and whomever you play, just remember: go for the enemy’s king!

How to Play Chess Games

If you’ve never played this classic board game before, let’s cover the chess games rules. Each player has command of their “army,” which consists of an entire row of pawns and a back row of special pieces, including rooks, bishops, knights, the king and the queen. Each piece can move in certain patterns, and the objective is simple: capture the enemy’s king! Of course, the king is well-protected by his army, so you will have to probably take out several of his “soldiers” by landing on their spots with your pieces. Once you have the king cornered by your soldiers so that he can’t move, then you have him in “checkmate.” A great online chess games computer player knows that it takes both offense and defense to win. Protect your king, attack the enemy’s king, and you just might win the war. 

Play and Win on Your Terms

It may seem that these free chess games, since they’re part of such a long tradition, have little wiggle room in terms of gameplay variation, but that’s certainly not the case. Over the years, and thanks to the help of free online chess games, we have been able to make little tweaks and adjustments here and there that serve to improve the experience for everyone. For example, you can now play chess games in online environments, completely free and unblocked. You can play on android devices or PC. You can even find new themes that add a fun twist to the traditional setup. Whether you’ve been playing for years or if you’re just starting, our free chess games category will give you the options you need to keep it exciting. 

Against the Computer or a Friend

Our favorite part about these online, unblocked chess games is the choice between 2-player multiplayer or player vs. computer. In the past, of course, you couldn’t practice your chess skills without another person around, but on chess games for computer, you can simply play against the CPU! Well, we say “simply,” but the CPU can be pretty tricky, especially if you turn the difficulty up. Of course, if you do have someone who dares to challenge you, you can still turn to these free chess games for a classic, head-to-head battle. Huddle around the screen and take turns trying to infiltrate each other’s ranks and find that king. However you decide to compete, just remember to never let your enemy know your strategy. Strike swiftly and without mercy – it’s an all-out war, after all! 

Fun Pieces and Variations

Of course, what’s the point of converting a millennia-old game to an online version if you can’t switch things up a little bit? What we mean by that is, instead of a chess board and game pieces that never change, online chess games allow you to choose fun variations. Play as animals or other cool characters, enjoy fun animations and sound effects, and even find some 3d chess games for a more realistic feel. It’s also helpful to have graphics that show you how long you’ve been playing, which pieces remain, and so on and so forth. When you’re playing chess games vs computer, you can even hit the “restart” button without making your opponent mad. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anybody, but try to finish each game as best you can.  

The Ultimate Test of Cunning

Even if you can’t seem to win at these online chess games, it’s really good for the brain to try. Chess makes you flex a lot of mental muscles at the same time. You have to think several moves ahead, visualize how pieces will interact with each other in certain scenarios, predict your opponent and choose between multiple strategies all at once. Even chess games for beginners will get the “juices flowing” when it comes to working out your brain. They will help you to sharpen skills that have nothing to do with chess – solving multi-step problems, reacting quickly to changes, predicting outcomes and so on and so forth.

A True Champion Conquers Them All

Chess is all about conquest and victory, so in the spirit of a true warrior, we extend a challenge to you: master chess, then master them all! That’s right, a true champion doesn’t just find one game and stick with it – they move onto something else and become the champion in that area as well. With that in mind, we want to invite you to our board games arena, where you can play vs. computer or in 2-player multiplayer battles across all kinds of free games. Or, if you like solving tricky problems, head to our thinking games category and play on android devices or PC. Hurry up and get out there, you’ve got a lot to do!

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