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Ah, the Thrill of Naval Combat

“Incoming bogey, captain! Hit the deck!” A streaking torpedo misses the hull of your stealth submarine by no more than fifty feet. The crew breathes a sigh of relief. Now it’s your turn to send a message to the enemy fleet, only the problem is that you don’t know their exact location. Welcome to the battleship game category, where each decision can save lives – or take them away. Your fleet has strayed into enemy waters, and negotiations have failed. The enemy considers it an act of war, so they fire upon your position! You’ve only got a few battleships (and a particularly brave rowboat, for some reason), so take them out before they take you out. This battleship game online category will bring you the thrill of a long-range torpedo battle – free, unblocked, and intense!

Phew, That Was a Close One – How to Play

Battleship is a classic game that’s been around since the 1960s (and even earlier, if you count the pencil and paper version). If you haven’t had a chance to play it yet, don’t worry – the idea is pretty simple. Like we said, your fleet of underwater war machines has encountered an enemy fleet, and it’s time to fight by launching torpedoes at each other. You can’t see exactly where the enemy ships are, but your radar tells you it’s in a certain area (that’s the game board). Likewise, your enemy can’t see exactly where you are either. Set up your ships where you want them, and guess where to fire your torpedoes. You’ll miss a lot, but once you hit your enemy, you’ll just need to finish them off. That’s how you play battleship games, but how do you win battleship games? We’ll give you the pro online battleship tips. 

Be Sneaky with Your Placement

If you just huddle all your ships together in the middle of the gameboard, it’s not going to be very hard for your enemy to catch on once they fire a couple of torpedoes. If you want to stay alive for long enough to take out your enemy, you will have to be very random with your placement. Typically, you have five ships. If you want to place two of them close together, that’s fine, but otherwise, they should be spread out. Do whatever you can to make yourself a hard target. Put one in the top-left corner, one in the middle, one in the bottom right hand corner, one along the left side, and so on and so forth. Of course, your enemy will probably be sneaky too, which is why you should be random with your guesses.

Cover More Ground with Your Guesses

In a battleship online game, keeping all of your guesses close together when you’re trying to hit the enemy is about as silly as keeping all your ships huddled together. If you miss a shot, don’t just move one spot over and fire again, go to a completely different area of the board. Your battleship game strategy should be to just poke around different areas of the game board until you get a hit, and then you keep your shots close together to finish off the ship. Of course, you might still miss that second shot because of how the ship is oriented, but you’ll eventually hit it again. How many torpedoes does it take to sink a rig in this battleship war game? Well, it depends on the rig.

Keep Track of Ship Size

In classic battleship war games, whether they’re online or not, you have five ships, and each ship has a certain number of hits it can take before it sinks. From largest to smallest, it goes 5, 4, 3, 3, 2. It’s important to know this so you can save yourself from wasting guesses. If you’ve already sunk your enemy’s largest ship, for example, then you know that the next largest ship will need four torpedoes, and so on and so forth. It also helps to know how big the remaining ships are when you’re throwing out guesses, because it will let you space your guesses out appropriately. Make a habit of tracking your opponent’s ship size based on what you’ve already hit, and if you forget how big the ships are, just look at your own!

Know Your Opponent

The most thrilling part about free and unblocked battleship games is the reading of the man across from you. Of course, in this case, it will be a computer player. Even computers, though, can be predictable sometimes. Pay very close attention to how the computer guesses and where it places its ships. After a game or two, you just might notice a pattern. This is how the cunning captain thinks – they learn their opponent and use their predictability against them! If you have a pretty strong idea of where the computer is going to guess, then keep your ships clear of that area. On the other hand, if you have a good idea of where that sneaky CPU is hiding its ships, fire there first!

Battleship Games Are Just the Beginning

If you’re like us, you could probably play these free battleship war games for hours on end, but dodging torpedoes isn’t the only way to get your thrills around here. In fact, we have an entire category of different board games to bring you hours upon hours of new thrills. It’s not always bombs and giant war machines, but it’s always fun, challenging and free. What’s more, all of our games are completely unblocked, so you don’t have to worry about losing out on the action when you’re at school. We’ll see you out there, captain!    

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