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There’s More Than One Way to Become a King

The hard way to become a king? Lead an army, win a war, earn the trust and love of a nation and work your way into the royal family. The easy way? Be born into a royal family. The easiest and most fun way, however, to be kinged is to simply make your way across that board. That’s right, we’re talking about free unblocked checkers games. Your pieces are soldiers that could one day become kings. Each side is an army, and neither will quit until the last enemy falls. Checkers board games may be fun and relaxing, but don’t get us wrong – it’s an absolute deathmatch! Of course, there’s a little bit more to the game than simply eliminating all of your opponents. Let’s take a quick look at the checkers games rulebook. 

Checkers Rules

Checkers games for 2 players are very simple. Each player sits at one end of the gameboard, which is made up of 64 light and dark (alternating) squares. Each player has twelve colored pieces – traditionally one person is the black team and the other person is the red team – and the game starts with each player’s pieces situated on the twelve dark squares that make up the closest three rows of the gameboard. Checkers pieces can only move diagonally, one space at a time. The object of the game is to “jump over” your opponent’s pieces and eliminate all of them. To jump over a piece, there has to be an empty space behind it. As mentioned, if you make it all the way across the board, you become a “king,” which means you can move both forward and backwards (regular pieces can only move forward). Conquer, kill, and win! 

Switch it Up!

Don’t get us wrong, because we could wage plastic and cardboard warfare for hours upon hours, but the real fun is in the variety. We specialize in more than just online checkers games. We have plenty of other free unblocked board games for you to try out. Still, this category will take you far beyond the same old black and red discs into the realm of the fascinating and bizarre. We have all kinds of gameplay switch-ups, new characters and themes, competitive scoring systems and all kinds of curveballs to keep you guessing. Of course, we do recommend that you master classic checkers games online first, but if you’ve already an accomplished warrior on the checkered battlefield, then there’s no time to waste. Look around a bit, and you just might find some online checkers games that totally change the way you see and play the game. Speaking of playing the game, let’s go a little beyond the basics, shall we?  

How to Play Like a Master

It may seem super simple upfront, and in a way, these checkers brain games are. Beneath the fun and innocent surface, there’s a highly sophisticated battle of wits going on. You have to perfectly balance your offensive and defensive strategies if you want to be the last one standing. Make sure your “soldiers” are perfectly positioned on the board at all times so that they can help defend each other while attacking the other player. Even if you can’t bag any enemies on the way, at least try to make your way across the board. Kings are more mobile, and that makes them that much more deadly. Another pro tip before we dive into the best strategies for success in online checkers games? Make sure you watch for double-jump opportunities! Boy, the look on your opponent’s face after that one…


In free unblocked checkers games online, good offense is all about getting in your opponent’s face. Get that back row moving right from the beginning so they can fill in behind the attacking front row, preventing them from being jumped. If you’re too aggressive with one piece, you might just back your opponent into a corner, meaning you can’t jump them. The smartest way to target a single enemy is to go after them with two of your pieces, often called a “pincer move.” You still have to “corner” them, but without the corner, make sense? Of course, even the most offensive strategies in checkers online games require at least a little defense. If you just attack every time, you’ll become too predictable, and your opponent will be able to develop a strategy against it.


Some players think that a good unblocked checkers games defensive strategy is to simply leave the back row where it is. Sure, you could do that. You opponent would never get kinged, but your attackers would also have less reinforcements to stand behind them and make sure they don’t get jumped over! You don’t have to plant your feet and stay there in order to provide good defense; you can still move around and be defensive in checkers. The trick is to make sure that your front row always has someone close behind, so that when you do get attacked, you’ll be ready for it. Just make sure you don’t keep your defenders two spaces behind the front row, because then you might get double jumped!


The real secret to becoming a checkers games online master involves both offense and defense. Everyone can learn how to chase after a piece or prevent themselves from being jumped over – the trick is knowing when to use offense and when to use defense. The best checkers players are always thinking two to three moves ahead at least, which allows them to spot these opportunities. Don’t just think about jumping your opponent. Think about what kind of situation that will put your piece in. Do you now see how checkers brain games are good for your noggin? Good luck on the cardboard battlefield!

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