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Will Solitaire Ever Get Old?

Long, long before there were smartphones, video games and television, there was solitaire. Rainy day? Just deal up a game of solitaire. Waiting for someone at the airport? Solitaire once again. Whatever your excuse is, as long as you have free time, solitaire will be there to keep you entertained for hours on end. How has this game lasted for more than two hundred years, you might be wondering? It’s all about the mystery. You never know what’s going to “turn up” from the deck, so you always have to be prepared for a surprise. In the spirit of this classic game, we’ve created the ultimate online solitaire games category to keep you busy even when you don’t have a deck of cards on you. Jump in today and enjoy the classics as well as a few curveballs that we snuck in there. That’s right, we’ve switched it up!

One Game, Thousands of Possibilities

Another reason why solitaire is so famous, besides being exciting and really easy to play, is the hundreds or even thousands of fun variations that keep it exciting. We’ve made sure to balance this category with the original version of the game as well as plenty of cool spin-offs. You can play solitaire with a sports theme, a history angle, or practically any customized deck that you can imagine. Even the rules of the game can change based on the different versions! If you’ve always been a fan of the classic version, that’s great, but we challenge you to try something new with us today. Take a look inside our free solitaire games category and explore the dozens of new possibilities. 

Fun Fusions

Nowadays, you can play solitaire online or in person with two decks. You can play FreeCell. You can even play the game against another person (doesn’t sound like “solitaire” anymore, does it?). One of our favorite fusions is Strike Solitaire. This is a totally new version of the game in which you match up pairs of cards to “knock over pins” and try to get a strike. Whether you’re a bowling buff or not, there’s a new and exciting version of solitaire out there for you! The game is continuously evolving, but the classic version (known as “Klondike”) will always be one of our favorites. Don’t worry, Klondike isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Try a different version today, however, to expand your solitaire skill set!

Classic Solitaire with a Twist

Of course, now that we have all of this awesome smartphone technology, we can make classic solitaire even more fun! Play the game you know and love without a deck of cards at hand. Just pull out your phone, “deal” those virtual cards up, and you can play anywhere and anytime. Tap to slide cards into groups and stack up those ace piles. The coolest part about Classic Solitaire Deluxe, one of our favorites in the category, is the new point system. Not only can you keep track of how many points you earn by creating groups of cards and building your piles, but you can also keep track of how much time it takes you to win. This way, you can add an entirely new layer of challenge to the game by focusing on speed. Once you successfully win a round, you can play again to improve your time and your score.  


If lords and ladies are more your thing, you can load up a game of My Kingdom Solitaire to enjoy a fun medieval theme. Minstrels blare horns and iron clashes in the background music. The deck is customized with knights, dragons, and pretty princesses. This isn’t the only customized deck in our collection, however. You can find your favorite theme after just a few minutes of browsing through this category and testing a few titles out. Some of our customized games have different rules, and some of them just have fun decks. The really fun variations have both. How will you set yourself apart from the rest of the solitaire players?

How to Get the Most out of Solitaire

It may seem like a simple game at first, and it is, but the best part about solitaire is the flexibility. If you prefer the thrill of high-risk, fast-paced action, you can make this classic game tougher on yourself. Try out more competitive versions of solitaire in this online solitaire games category. Challenge your old scores or even try to break into the leaderboard when there is one. Work on completing the game in less time. The possibilities are absolutely endless when it comes to solitaire! Of course, if you just want to relax and wind down with a calm round of solitaire, that’s an option as well. Just ask yourself, “How do I want to play today?”

Look Out for New Versions

We’re always working to bring you the coolest and most interesting versions of each classic game. When it comes to solitaire, this means combing the web for all kinds of tricky twists and fun variations of the game that we all already know and love. We invite you to get to know this category well, but keep an eye peeled for any new additions to our selection. Like we said, the possibilities with solitaire games are endless! Ready to enjoy hours of card-flipping fun in this free solitaire games category? Load it up and start flipping those cards! We’ll see you inside.

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