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It doesn’t happen that often, but when a board game is awesome enough, we dedicate an entire category to it. In order for that to occur, we have to find a game that has it all: fun multiplayer action, relaxing gameplay and plenty of variations. That remind you of anything? How about Ludo games online! That’s right, these Ludo games for android and PC are the total package, complete with multiplayer capability, exciting twists and turns and of course – the thrill of victory. You’re not likely to bask in the glory of a perfect round of Ludo, however, if you don’t know how to play. Let’s take a quick look at the rules so that you can come up with the perfect strategy for this addicting board game. 

The Rules Are Simple

Alright, so let’s first set the stage so that you can know what you’re getting into. We have multiple Ludo games to play, but most of them run with the same basic setup when it comes to rules. In Ludo games online, the board is arranged for four players. Each player is their own color (red, blue, yellow or green), starting in one of the four corners of the board with four pieces. The basic object of the game is to get all four pieces out of the starting area and around the board. The die will determine how much each player moves for each turn. Sound simple? It’s supposed to. Is it actually simple? Well, that’s a different story. As it turns out, your opponents aren’t exactly the friendly type… 

The Magical Six 

You can’t just roll whatever you want and earn your way out of the corner box that you start in. No, in order to spring that box, you have to roll a six. With every roll, you should be praying for that magical number, especially at the beginning. In fact, you need a total of four sixes to get each of your pieces started! Thankfully, these free Ludo Games online add a pretty sweet bonus in to reward you for all that waiting. Every time you roll a six, you get a bonus roll. If you roll a six again, then you get yet another bonus roll! So, even after all of your pieces are out of the starting square, you’re still looking for that six. 

Where Do I Go?

Once you manage to get one or more of your pieces onto the regular playing field, The Ludo games strategy is pretty straightforward. Just keep rolling the die and moving spaces in a clockwise fashion. You have to go around the entire board and end up near your home area to win. Once you get to the end, you will have to move up the line of your color and into the center of your board. The kicker is, in most Ludo games free versions, you have to roll the exact number of spaces to make it to the center. If you’re three spaces away, for example, and you roll a four, you ain’t going nowhere! Still, it sounds pretty easy, right? Not when your competition is trying to take you out…

Send the Competition Packing

Yup, you heard us right. One of the most exciting parts about the Ludo games free online experience is the ability to jump on your opponents and send them back to the start. This is what makes the game an online multiplayer masterpiece, and this is why Ludo games online deserve their own category. As long as your opponent’s piece is on a white spot, you can land on them and send them back to the start. Just like finishing the game, though, you can’t go over. If they are three spaces away, and you roll a four, you’ll just go past them. Oh, and by the way, if you can jump someone, you’ll get a bonus roll! No need to be polite in Ludo – it’s either them or you.

What Will it Be: All for One or One for All?

Now that you know how to play this free online game, you should probably focus on winning, right? Strategy is super important here. You can either put all your money on one piece at a time, getting them into the safe zone quickly, or you can try to get all of your pieces out of the box early on. Each strategy comes with its advantages and disadvantages. If you do the “one for all” technique, your piece might get jumped, and you’ll lose all your progress! If you do the “all for one” technique, getting jumped isn’t that bad, but you’ll take much longer to get everyone to the center. If you’re feeling lucky, try one. If you want to be more careful, try all four. Feeling in between? Well, go for two or three!

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