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Not One, Not Two, Not Three… 

But four, of course! That’s right, Connect 4 is the name of the game, and what a classic game it is. We love this genre of turn-based games so much that we have dedicated a whole category to Connect 4 online. This vintage masterpiece is considered a spinoff of tic-tac-toe, and it first started gaining popularity in the late 70s and early 80s. Of course, like all other original games, when you play Connect 4 online, you’ll notice that the game creators have made several tweaks to the gameplay, including computer opponents of course, new pieces and environments and even levels and objectives. Before we can break into all of that fun stuff, though we have to first cover the Connect 4 rules. Learning how to play Connect 4 isn’t exactly rocket science, but learning how to win a game of Connect 4 is much tougher. Let’s take a look.

Easy to Say, Hard to Do

It’s in the name! Seriously, just Connect 4 shots and you win. Here’s what we mean: two players are dropping pieces into the same gameboard, which is arranged into a grid of slots. Each player’s pieces are represented by a solid color. The game is played on a simple turn basis: one player drops a piece in, then the other, and so forth. The object of the game is to create a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of 4 of your pieces. It sounds easy, but your opponent can always see what you’re doing and interfere with your lines, so it’s actually much tougher! You have to be very sneaky, and there are many strategies that Connect 4 multiplayer pros use to win. Our favorite? Make two lines of three instead of trying for one line of four. That way, your opponent has no choice but to lose! 

Enjoy Tons of Connect 4 Variations

It’s our mission to bring free and entertaining games to online gamers of all types, and when it comes to Connect 4 online, that means combining the old with the new. What we mean by that is, if you just want to “sit across” from a computer opponent and drop pieces into the traditional gameboard (which is yellow and blue, for your information), then so be it. If you want to play Connect 4 with a real-life rival, then get ready for an intense 2-player connect 4 session. Both of these elements have been a part of the Connect 4 play experience since the beginning (except for the computer part), but it really gets fun and interesting with 3d Connect 4, Connect 4 io and the many variations that drop you into crazy situations and expect you to make it out. Not sure exactly what we mean here? Read on to find out more about Connect 4 games and the many variations that exist today.

Play the Computer or a Friend

Probably the single best upgrade to the Connect 4 board was when it became digitized. Now, you have all the benefits of a beautiful, feature-packed online game without losing the familiarity of a hallmark 80s title. You can play the computer for as long as you want – they won’t quit if they lose like your friends might! Change the difficulty level to suit your skills, retry levels, pause, and in nicer versions, you can even undo moves. Of course, if you prefer Connect 4 online 2 player mode, there’s always that. Pull up an extra chair, get inside your opponent’s head with a little friendly pre-game trash talk, and have at it! Their turn, your turn, their turn…who will win? The only way to find out is to play. And then play again, and again, until one of you is declared the undisputed Connect 4 online games champion! 

Switch Up the Game World

Adding in the Connect 4 online multiplayer capability was definitely a stroke of genius on the designers' part, but even beyond that, the heights that game creators have taken such a simple Connect 4 board game to is nothing short of awesome! In our category, you can play with all kinds of pieces, from massive boulders to the traditional checker-like pieces. You can earn power-ups, make your way through levels, go for high scores, and more. When it comes to the environment, you can play in a dank dungeon, an ancient temple, or tons of other new and different locations. Sometimes, the gameboard isn’t a gameboard at all, but a locking mechanism for a secret vault filled with treasure! At least, that’s where your imagination might take you when you’re playing some of these cool Connect 4 variations. 

Keep Riddling with the Best of Them

We often recommend gamers who are newer to puzzles to start with these Connect 4 games because the rules are so simple. Once you really get that mind working, though, you might start craving tougher challenges and different gameplay styles. If and when that happens, don’t worry, we’ve got your back! You’re always welcome in our board games category, where we have dozens of different games, from the classics to some newer twists. Or, if you want to ditch the board but keep solving tricky problems, try our thinking gamesYou can’t lose between the two of these awesome categories. Well, you can lose, but – you know what we mean. Good luck, smarty pants!

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