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Those Tattered Rags Simply Will Not Do for a Hero

Even the most legendary warriors had to start their epic quests from nothing, which is something that this category of armor games captures perfectly. It’s a cruel and unfair world we live in, after all, where wealthy heirs and sons of kings are bathed in shining silver armor, but the real heroes like you are born into rags. But the best part about destiny, brave warrior, is that it cares not where you come from, but where you end up. So, rest assured, that rusty woodman’s axe and those raggedy scraps of fabric you call armor will soon be traded in for something a bit more honorable – not to mention protective. And then, after that, you’ll trade up again. And again. And again, until you’re finally outfitted like the warrior you’ve always been.

How to Upgrade Your Gear in Armor Games 

You don’t just expect to walk out of your humble hovel, whack a lesser imp on the head with the hilt of your axe and be praised from the palace and beyond, do you? If you really want to be a revered knight clad in the finest armor, you will definitely have to do more than that in these armor games online. Ever heard of a little thing called “experience,” friend? Everything you do in armor games online will have the potential to yield experience points. That, sir knight, is how you prove to the world that you’re worthy of legendary armor. Not one, not two, not three brave encounters, but hundreds and hundreds of noble triumphs are required. Speaking of, what exactly can you do in these unblocked armor games to earn experience? Great question, let’s take a look.


First and foremost, you need to be ready for anything. From the second you step onto the dirt path that leads from your doorstep, you may be challenged by monsters, dark knights, and even evil spirits! Our selection of armor games online is vast, and there are many, many levels ahead of you just waiting to be conquered. So, strap that weapon onto your back, bring as many supplies as you need to stay alive, and keep your eyes on the road ahead as well as the path behind. Whatever jumps out of the brush at you represents an opportunity for you to gain experience points. Use your strength, kill it, and the bounty will be plentiful. Of course, slaughtering isn’t the only way to gain experience, though it may be the most fun method.

Decisions and Discoveries

One of our favorite things about the armored games in this free online category is that they go far beyond combat, testing your wit and your wisdom to boot. For example, you may come across a fair maiden who needs your help, but something seems fishy to you, like it’s a trap. It’s your choice to either save her or let her save herself, and each path has its consequences. Choose wisely, and your experience will increase. Choose poorly, and you just might have to fight off a few more bad guys. What’s more, you should always be weary of the world around you when traveling the great wilds, because you never know when you might find useful scrolls, artifacts, runes, or other items that may aid you in your quest.  

Steal It!

Most armor games clicker heroes earn their gear by earning experience and leveling up, as we mentioned. There are some scenarios, however, when the spoils of your kill just might yield something shiny and useful. After all, as you explore more harsh and unforgiving lands along your quest, you will come across stronger and stronger enemies. Eventually, you’ll see that they have pretty nice armor. “Hm,” you think to yourself, “that looks like just my size, actually.” If you want it, then take it! You won’t see this armor-stealing mechanic in a ton of armor games, but it’s really fun when you do. It motivates you to fight people above your level so that you can get stronger armor with upgrades and cool powers. Just…don’t destroy it in the process, eh?

Armor Games Unblocked

We’ll let that fancy armor of yours do the blocking, hero. Everything else, like those game blockers meant to stop you from playing fun games, you just leave to us. Every single title in this armor games online category, in fact, is completely unblocked – consider it our superpower! In all seriousness, though, we believe that everybody should have the opportunity to enjoy fun games for free, which is why we made all of our armor games unblocked. This means that, no matter where you are, you can play, regardless of game blockers. Just open up a browser and embark on your quest for amazing armor!

Oh, It’s So Much More Than Gear

Don’t get us wrong, helping a warrior reach his true potential is a noble quest indeed, but it’s not the only way to have fun with clicker/upgrade games. In fact, we have a full category of clicker games just brimming with titles that allow you to run fast-paced businesses, build a hospitality empire and even create a huge city! If it’s life on the open road that you miss, taking on anything that comes your way and learning about the vast world that lies before you, then head over to our adventure games and take a look around. Until then, we’ll look for you and your shiny, studly “duds” in these armor games!

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