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Get Ready to Let It Fly, Archery Games Are Here!

It’s said that a single, legendary weapon caused the rise and fall of many empires, and that’s what this archery games category is all about: the bow and arrow. In celebration of this ancient and still effective weapon, we’ve created a massive category of free online archery games for kids. Technically, if you can find a length of curved wood that’s just the right size, a bit of rope, and something to fashion an arrow with, you’re in business! At least, that’s how they made them in the old days. Now, you can just make your way over to this category of completely unblocked games and fire away. Whether you prefer archery shooting games that pit you against a target, a real enemy, the clock, or all three, we’ve got something for you! Come check it out.

And You Thought the Apple on the Head Was Cool…

Did you ever learn about the famous William Tell in history class? More than seven hundred years ago, this Swiss guy shot an arrow through an apple that was resting on his son’s head (not exactly father of the year). Since then, people have been showing off with the bow and arrow in circus performances, carnivals, and the target range. There’s much more to archery trick shooting than simply hitting an unmoving target, however – even if it is on a person’s head. If you want to master this archery games online category, you will need to learn how to hit a moving target, how to take out real enemies, and how to do both of these very quickly and accurately.

Moving Targets

In most archery shooter games, they will give you a break for the first level or two. Click or tap and hold to pull that bowstring back and get used to the feel. Let it fly, hit that stationary target right on the bullseye and max out your points. After a little while, though, things will start to get a lot tougher. One target turns into two, then into three. Then, they all start moving and circling around each other! Not to mention, you’re running out of arrows, you get points docked for not hitting the bullseyes, and oh man – it’s suddenly a lot tougher. Remember: arrows don’t travel as fast as bullets. In target archery games, you’ll need to shoot in front of your target a bit. It’s all about timing!

Time Trials

Speaking of timing, many of our online archery games put you up against the toughest target yet – the clock. No, you don’t actually shoot the clock, but you’re striving to clear the level in a “target time,” get it? If you have great aim, that’s great. If you’re fast on that bowstring, that’s awesome. An archer who has both, however, is a rare combination indeed. Don’t worry if you aren’t the quickest string-snapper on the range at first, because practice will help you get there. Just commit to a target, take an extra few milliseconds to aim, hit it on the first try, switch, and keep going. Our biggest tip for clearing levels with enough time to spare? Don’t look at the clock until the level’s over! It will just make you nervous.

Some Targets Shoot Back

So far, we’ve added several layers of challenge onto your archery online games, including multiple targets that move and a race against the clock. We wish we could say that the unexpected twists stop there, but think about it: Why was the bow and arrow invented in the first place? As a weapon of war! Our point is, some “targets” in these archery war games won’t just politely sit there and let you shoot them. Some of them are people with weapons of their own. Maybe it’s their own bow and arrow, or a sword, or whatever. Either way, there’s only one guaranteed way to protect yourself. You have to shoot them dead before they can even get a shot off! It’s not so hard to pull off in a 1-v-1 situation, but when they start swarming you, it’s going to be tough.


If you’re the type who likes to compete against or cooperate with a real person, then never fear, because we have plenty of 2-player archery games available for you to try out! There are several different ways to play with a friend, too. You can both compete to take out the most targets at the same time, or you can take turns trying to beat each other’s scores. Also, you can battle head-to-head in a live skirmish. Every millisecond counts, so make sure you’re ready to perform under pressure. First one to get an arrow stuck in their chest loses, and the winner gets to brag about it, of course!

Ready to Trade in the Bow? Try These!

These are modern times, of course, which sometimes call for modern weaponry. It’s always fun to kick it “old school” for a while with these medieval archery games, but when you’re ready for something a little quicker and more powerful, then we’ve got plenty of sniper games for you. Like a skilled archer, you can still take your enemy out from a distance without giving your position away (if you do it right). If you just want to kick the door down and clear out a den full of bad guys with guns blazing, then why not load up our shooting games category and show us how much havoc you can wreak? For now, we’ll wait for you in the archery games category – happy shooting!

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