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Become the World’s Most Fearsome Warrior

Just the very mention of the word, “ninja,” strikes fear into the heart of everyone who opposes them in these ninja games. Like phantoms dressed in black, these cunning warriors will swiftly and silently take down an entire enemy encampment before they can even sound the alarm - they love action, which is why ninja games are part of our huge collection of action games. Ninjas are strong enough to send a man hurling out of a guard tower but quiet enough to run across leaves and grass without making a single sound. Everyone knows that ninjas are some of the coolest and most deadly fighters on the planet, so who better to dedicate a category of free online games to? We’ve made sure to capture a whole lot more than just combat, too. We’ve got ninja games adventure style, crazy levels for you to run through, jumping challenges, and all kinds of other play styles for you to try out. Grab your sword!

Learn the Path of the Ninja

Real ninjas are trained from the time they are children. Every day and every night, they work tirelessly to perfect their dark and mysterious arts. They must learn to walk with the shadows, strike faster than their enemies can blink, and survive on next to nothing. We’ve filled this category of unblocked ninja games for kids with titles that challenge each and every one of these skills. You won’t just be fighting, running, or sneaking around – you’ll be doing all three and sometimes more! The true test of a ninja is not how many men he can defeat, but whether or not he can defeat himself. The way of the ninja demands perfection, which in ninja games, means mastering each game with high scores. In order to do that, you’ll need the following abilities.


By the time your enemy turns around, it should be too late. Better yet, they shouldn’t hear you enough to turn around at all. Stealth is about more than just taking out the bad guys, though. In ninja games, you need to be light on your feet in order to navigate your way through treacherous terrain. An untrained person, for example, is too clunky when they walk around, meaning they might set off traps or fall through the rotting floor. Not a ninja, however – they’re so stealthy and light on their feet that they could run across a shoestring connected to two poles! All of the stealth and agility in the world wouldn’t help you at all, though, if you’re not quick enough to get out of trouble. That’s where the speed comes in.


One of the most popular and entertaining types of unblocked ninja games online, ninja running games are among our favorites in this category. Whether you’re snatching up precious gems, darting out from falling obstacles, or simply trying to escape a creepy dungeon, ninja run games bring a thrill with each swift step. Why is this sub-genre so fun? Because of your ninja abilities, of course! Where a normal person would just clomp their way forward, a ninja can vault ten feet in the air, flipping over obstacles. They can even run on the walls or the ceiling in some cases! That takes a true master, though… If you need some more practice, check out our free running games!


To be sure, a ninja without a weapon is still a formidable opponent in battle. To become a true master, though, they have to become skilled experts with dozens of deadly weapon types. At the very least, you should always have at least five throwing stars on you to unexpectedly hurl at your opponents with lightning speed. Beyond that, the sword and nunchakus will be your two best friends in a pinch. When everything else fails, and you’ve been stripped of all your weapons, it’s not over yet. Wield your fists, feet, and even your head as terrifying tools of combat and show your enemies that you won’t go down without a fight! That’s the ninja way. As an old saying goes, though, it’s not the sword, but the arm swinging it that matters.


Why are ninjas so deadly? It’s because they have the speed of a world-class sprinter AND the power of a champion boxer. That’s why the path of the ninja is so difficult. You have to pack a whole lot of strength into a deceptively small frame. Many of these ninja games, free for you to play, require feats of strength that only a ninja could perform in order for you to survive and succeed. When a ninja has mastered skill, stealth, speed, and power, he is truly a force of nature. He is the reason why his enemies have nightmares.

Bring Honor to Your Clan with These Ninja Games

Now that you know what it takes to become a ninja master, we challenge you to enter this ninja games online category and show us if you can walk the path like a true warrior. You’ll need all of your training to master the challenges ahead and rest assured, many of them are deadly. At the very least, you’ll have tons of fun running your way through deadly courses, showing off your weapon-wielding skills, and taking out all the baddies you can! It’s a dangerous life, but certainly not without its thrills. So, get ready to slash, sprint, and jump your way to an honorable high score for your fearsome ninja clan! Have fun with these ninja games and…oh, I think I hear something behind me.

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