Ragdoll Games

So Simple, Yet So Hilarious

No matter how many ragdoll games we play, it never ceases to be funny, engaging, and downright addictive. There’s something so amazing about a character who seems to have no muscle control at all! It makes your job as the player so fun and rewarding, because you are in control of the character. If you haven’t played any ragdoll games before, the idea is very simple. Just picture a character (usually, it’s a stickman) who just flops around when he flies through the air, as if he’s asleep. He doesn’t move or react in any way. That’s “ragdoll physics” for ya, and it opens up tons and tons of funny, cool, and creative opportunities in the best ragdoll games. For that reason, this is by far one of our most diverse categories.

Ragdoll Games Bring Endless Potential

Whatever you’re in the mood for, there’s something for you to enjoy in this category. We have gory ragdoll games, ragdoll shooting games, and less violent alternatives that just involve falling, flying, or other modes of flopping around. There are hundreds of ways to show off ragdoll physics, just as long as the main character is moving around in one way or another. It would take a whole book to really describe all the sub-categories within this genre, but we will at least break down a few of the most popular types of unblocked ragdoll games that we love to play. It can get a little gory at times, but don’t worry – there are more peaceful games as well. Alright, let’s start the tour! So, what exactly can you do with ragdolls? Well…

Kill Them

There’s no way we were going to leave this one out. There are a ton of ragdoll games online that involve gory killing or even torture. Sometimes, you as the player just have to choose the way that the stickman (and/or zombie) dies, like “burning” or “stabbing,” and then you can watch a hilarious and violent animation as the game follows your instructions. In other instances, you have to look around your environment for everyday items you can use (scissors, a pen, etc.) to brutally kill someone who has wronged you! Either way, as long as the poor victim is flailing around ragdoll style, then it counts as a killing ragdoll game. Sure, they’re really violent, but this is definitely one of the best game types if you need to blow off a little steam!

Bend the Laws of Physics

Just by itself, the ragdoll mechanic is so fun and entertaining that you really don’t need more than a really simple objective to enjoy it. For example, ragdoll falling games require you to steer our lifeless hero around obstacles, into coins/power-ups, or towards a certain target. You could also just grab the character and throw them against the walls of a small room, whether or not there’s any other objective to the game. In some of these ragdoll games, your character will be able to keep it together despite running into things. In a majority of them, however, you may or may not see a ton of blood, or even limbs flying around! Either way, if you enjoy games that have lots of physics elements in the gameplay, then ragdoll falling games and similar sub-genres can be super fun.

Fight Intense Battles

Of course, we can’t set up a ragdoll games category without including some awesome ragdoll fighting games. Picture absolutely any kind of warfare, using any kind of lethal equipment, and there’s probably a 3d ragdoll game out there that features it. Whether you want bloody hand-to-hand combat, ragdoll shooting games, ninja swords, bombs, or whatever else, you will have more than your fair of action to play through with these games. We especially love multiplayer ragdoll games that allow you to blow other players up, because what better or more realistic use of ragdoll physics is there? That grenade or rocket goes off, the player dies, and they just soar through the air like a limp noodle – gets us every time.

And the List Keeps Growing!

Like we mentioned, ragdoll games cover a huge spread in terms of gameplay style, design, and overall theme. The above three categories cover a big chunk of what’s popular today, but there are always new ideas surfacing for fun ragdoll games. We make sure to keep our eyes peeled so that whenever there is a new type of ragdoll game that we love, we can pounce on it! That being said, your journey through this game category will surely be a unique on that is filled with variety. We recommend trying multiple types of ragdoll games in one sitting (killing games, falling games, etc.) so that you can really appreciate everything that goes into ragdoll mechanics. To this day, we can’t believe that it’s that funny and entertaining every time, but it just is!

It’s All About the Physics

If playing through this category gives you a hankering for more games that involve physics challenges, then we’ve got the ultimate treat for you – our physics games category! That’s right, it’s not just ragdoll games that take advantage of the forces of nature, but tons of other titles as well. You can float, fly, tilt, spin, jump, and so much more. The physics game category is all about calculating angles and timing your movements just right, so be ready for a test of both your smarts and your coordination. Prefer your physics games with some humor or gritty violence? Then we’ll see you in the ragdoll games section!

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