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Shiver Me Timbers, Pirate Games Are Here!

What could be better than the life of a surly scallywag in one of these pirate games? You get to scavenge the high seas for glittery treasures, blast any ship you want to smithereens, and sing songs all day with your mates. That steady ocean wind whips along the sails and blows your hat off your head, and the salty water belches up from the depths to splash your weathered skin. It’s a charmed life, but not without its challenges. We made sure that in this completely free category of the top pirate games online, you get to experience every little part of a real pirate’s life. The only difference is that you won’t have to worry about getting caught by the law or “walking the plank” here, so don’t worry your pretty little head, matey? What do you think – do you have what it takes to sail the world with a crew of 50 of the most lowdown, dangerous, and un-showered men?  

So Much Ocean, So Little Time

It’s hard to describe pirate ship games with just one sentence, because there are simply so many different adventures you can go on! As men who spend the majority of their lives on the water, most pirates have at least one or two creepy stories about the dark mysteries that lurk under the surface. You never know what you’ll find while you’re cruising the high seas. One day, you might find yourself smack in the middle of a deadly skirmish with other pirates, and the next, your vessel might be suddenly attacked by the mighty Kraken! There’s treasure to be had, ships and sailors to conquer, and mysteries to be solved. Because of all this variety, we categorize these free pirate games as puzzles, action-adventure games, and exploration games, all at the same time. Isn’t that what the life of a pirate is, after all? Let’s take a closer look at what these pirate games for kids are all about.

Nautical Battles

“Thar be the enemy, lads! Quick, trim the top sails, ready the cannons, and keep her level!” On second, you’re singing songs and playing cards with your mates, and the next, you’re getting ready for a fight to the death in these pirate war games! As soon as that enemy ship pokes its way out of the fog, you have to make preparations for battle if you don’t want your ship to be blasted to smithereens. In some of these games, you have to manage your crew and supplies throughout the battle by solving tough riddles, clicking like a madman, and who knows what else? The only thing we know for sure is what pirates call “the law of the ocean.” When the dust clears and the flames settle, whichever ship is left floating gets all the spoils of battle! That’s how the pirates live, anyway.

Terrific Treasure

Of course, you don’t always have to grab your glittery gold off of enemy ships. Sometimes, your curiosity upon seeing that mysterious island is so great that you just have to drop anchor. After all, it looks just like the island on that treasure map you won off an unlucky sailor in a card game, after all! Traverse mysterious caverns, abandoned ships, and ruins as you search for the one thing that a pirate loves more than the sea: treasure, of course. We love pirate treasure games because they really emphasize the exploring and problem-solving elements of this genre. It’s not just going to fall in your lap, you have to earn your loot by making your way into treacherous tombs and solving often deadly puzzles. Do you have the spine for it, me lad, or would you prefer to wait on the ship?

Who Knows What Else?

One of the most exciting and dangerous parts of pirate life is the mystery of it all. It looks calm on the surface, but you never really know what’s plotting your demise from the depths of the sea, or which of your men might mutiny on you at any moment! You may feel like just a regular boat captain one day, a fearsome bandit the next, and a curious cave explorer the next. A pirate’s life is full of unexpected twists and turns, so it’s best to approach this category with an open mind. That’s the thing about action and adventure – you never know what’s going to happen next.

Lost Your Sea Legs? Try These Instead!

Look, if it isn’t clear already, the pirate’s life isn’t for everyone. Why, some folks can’t even go on a tropical cruise without spending half of it in the bathroom! If the rocking of a boat and the long months spent at sea make you feel a little bit nauseous, then don’t worry – we still have many opportunities for you to be a scallywag on land. Take our adventure games category, for example. Whether you’re bursting into an enemy fortress, embarking on an epic journey to save your loved one, or just exploring new and uncharted lands, there is a new adventure to be had every day. You’ll learn things, question things, and even fear for your life at times! That’s what adventure is all about, isn’t it? Just like life, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. If you do possess the swagger of a true swashbuckler, though, we invite you to start your adventures on the blue-green expanse of the ocean. Will you become the richest, most feared mongrel to sail the seas in these pirate games, or will you fall to a watery grave?

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