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May We Dine in Valhalla, Brothers!

Most people know them for the pointy hats, braided blonde beards and less-than-desirable table manners, but in these Viking Games online, you’ll get to see who these rambunctious raiders really were. They believed strongly in three things: strong ships, a good fight, and ravenous feasting (complete with delicious ale, of course). As such, you’ll be doing plenty of each in this free category! Fans of action and adventure will be especially delighted while huzzah-ing their way through this library of games, because if they were anything, the Vikings were not the boring stay at home type. They really lived.

These Viking Games Are a Conqueror’s Daydream

Look, perhaps we sugar-coated it a bit because we’re such big fans of Vikings. If you asked one of the very few survivors of their raids, you may hear a different account altogether. According to them, the Vikings are a savage, war-like tribe of ruffians who burn and pillage everything they can without thought of consequence or fairness. They fight, conquer, drink, get in their boats, and do it all again. War is their profession, and they are darn good at it! Now, your opinion of these warriors of old may be swayed by this Viking games online category, so make sure you give every game a fair chance. Let’s break down our favorite sub-genres!

A Glorious Raid

Yes, it’s true. The Vikings were known to sail to new lands and spill out of their ships with axes swinging. They believed that conquest was the greatest honor, and for that reason, every scrap of land they didn’t own was seen as a challenge and an invitation in one. If you feel this same need for power, conquest, and glory coursing through your veins, then a fine raider you shall be!  

Fierce Long Ship Battles

Though many of their victims on land may not know, the Vikings were actually a very formidable people when it came to nautical warfare. That’s why we’ve made sure to include plenty of Viking games online that feature their most epic achievement in the area of war: the Viking long ship. Built of the stoutest stuff and longer than your average ship, these huge vessels could carry hundreds upon hundreds of the burliest bearded warriors while annihilating any other warship in their proximity with massive cannons. If you see one of these poking out of the fog as an enemy, you might as well jump ship.  

Duels Galore

Sometimes, the Vikings would even fight amongst themselves because they were so red-blooded and fiery. Not the type to talk it out, they would hold duels to settle conflicts like real men. In these Viking games online, your enemy looks just like you! Well, your beard may be red and his may be blonde, but you get the point. Don’t hesitate for one second, though, because he absolutely will hurl that axe at you and go right back to his pint of ale.  

Imagine Twice the Stink and Half the Muscle…

As fun as it is to play the best Viking war games online for free, we can’t get away with neglecting their somewhat similar counterparts. We’ll give you a hint: this type of scoundrel spends much more time at sea, and they love to chase after treasure. Not sure? We’re talking about pirates, of course! We have a whole category of pirate games available for you after you’ve conquered all your enemies in this Viking games online. If you can master both Viking games and pirate games, then we just might crown you the ultimate warrior.  

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