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Flip, throw, or fight with knives in these knife games! The usual knife game online is all about precision, great throwing skills, and action. So pick up a pocket knife or maybe a bigger blade and get to playing!

What are knife games?

Even though the name of this collection might sound a bit frightening, that is not necessarily the case - knife games are fun action games that use knives in the gameplay, and most often you can find knife throwing games and knife flip games in this category. This type of game usually is hard to master, as the player has to precisely slice objects or hit a target using a knife. Do you have what it takes to become the master of the blade?

Knife fighting games

Some knife games are rather about using a knife as a weapon in a battle. This can be any kind of battle - between two armies or even against zombies! If you are enjoying the knife fighting games, you might also like our huge selection of shooting games, where you can fight with different guns instead! However, if you want to stick to blades, why not try out ninja swords? If you want to find out more about the art of being a ninja, check out our free ninja games.

What are the best free knife games online?

No matter if you are here to throw knives or fight with them, we have something for you to try

  • Slice fruit to get them to the blender and make juice! Use as few swipes as possible for max points - Fruit Slice

  • Become a Pizza Ninja! Use a blade to quickly slice all the ingredients for a pizza and avoid explosive booms - Pizza Ninja Mania

  • Fight against an army of angry zombies! Use strategy to survive the apocalypse - Zombie Killer

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