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Oh, They’re Real Alright…

Before dragon games and movies made them popular, these magical winged beasts were just the stuff of legends. Ask any “brave knight” about them, and they’ll start shivering in their armor. We know nowadays, though, that not all dragons are out to get us. In fact, many of these huge, scaly creatures are actually pretty cute! At first, sure, they would just guard their gold and terrorize any knights who would try to take it. Now, dragons and humans have learned how to live in harmony with each other (well, for the most part). We like to consider this free online category as a celebration of the union between dragons and people. We’ve filled it with real dragon games that showcase their amazing abilities. Let’s take a look!

Explore Tons of Fun Dragon Game Types

Years ago, if somebody would have even hinted at the thought of training a dragon, we all would have laughed and said, “Good luck with that, you’re going to need it!” But look at us now. Not only can we train them, we can even ride on them in flying dragon games! We can see the world through a dragon’s eyes with dragon rpg games. We can raise them and even breed them with dragon games for kids. There are simulators that allow us to see what their lives are like, now that we know they don’t just want to roast us all in a big puff of flame. Of course, for those of you who love to watch massive monsters clash with each other in epic combat, we’ve got plenty of dragon battles games as well.

Train a dragon

Raising a dragon? Are you serious? Not only do we mean to raise them in these dragon games online, but we can even train them! It’s amazing – we were so blinded by our fear before that we never saw just how beautiful and talented these creatures actually are. If you actually learn to appreciate and nurture their powers, though, you’ll see just what we’re talking about. Did you know some of them can teleport? There are even dragons that can read minds. You’ll get the opportunity to play as a trainer in these dragon world games, so you’ll be able to see these incredible feats up close. Of course, you might want to take a step or two back when it’s time to practice breathing fire.  

Take to the Skies

If you thought learning to ride a horse was fun, just wait until you earn the official title of “dragon rider.” Everything changes when you’re mounted on the back of a scaly, 50-ton beast flying thousands of feet above the ground. You will be both thrilled and terrified at the same time, not knowing which is which. Either way, it’s an experience we would be wrong to deprive you of in this category. For that reason, we’ve made sure to include plenty of dragon racing games for you to enjoy. It may be terrifying at first, but hey, at least you don’t have to worry about traffic in these dragon riding games! Be good to your mount, and it will be good to you. Bank left and right, gain altitude, grab tokens and outpace your opponents.  

Take Part in Fierce Battles

Even though we’ve improved our relationship with dragons a lot, that doesn’t mean they won’t fight when they have to. The only difference now is that, sometimes, they will fight to protect us in dragon fighting games. Many of our games with dragons require you to level up your fighter and put them up against other dragons to see who will come out on top. Practice your powers and use them wisely, because this fight isn’t going to stop until someone falls from the sky! We’re particularly fond of real dragon games that allow you to earn new dragons and bonuses after winning each fight. Dragon eggs games can be really addictive, but in a good way. Fight, win, build your horde and conquer the skies!

Who Knows What Else?

While fighting and flying are high on their list of awesome abilities, we’re discovering more and more every day about just how much dragons can actually do. Their scales, fangs and even saliva have amazing properties, which may come in handy throughout this category. Speaking of saliva, you can even explore dragon snack games and other light and fun play styles if you’ve had enough flying and fighting for the day. The best part? No matter which of our free dragon games you choose, they are all unblocked! That means that you can play them on any computer without having to worry about filters and game blockers preventing you.  

Like Those? Try These!

We’re very excited about the future of dragon-human relations, but that doesn’t mean we forgot about all of our less magical creatures on the ground. If you just love to play games with animals in general, then we have an entire category of great animal games for you to check out! As always, it’s completely free and unblocked. If it’s the thrill of a daring race, a fierce battle or a tough challenge that you crave, then check out our adventure category to keep the adrenaline pumping while you play for free. For everyone else, trust us, there are hours and hours of fun to be had with this free dragon games category.

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