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Oh, I’m Sure It’s Just the Wind…

In these ghost games online, it’s definitely not the wind. We like to tell ourselves that because it makes us feel better. Even if a window isn’t open, when we hear a painful, moaning sound or a creepy cackle coming from the cellar, we just ignore it. If you ignore this in-house pest for too long, though, it just may get the best of you while you’re sleeping! Welcome to our category of free online ghost games. A warning before venturing inside this frightfully fun category: it’s not for those who scare easily. Whether it’s ghost hunter games or even ghost games for kids that you like to play, you’re bound to get spooked at some point. After all, who wouldn’t be a little rattled after seeing a pale white spirit rise through their floorboards and scream like a banshee? Sends shivers down the spine just thinking about it, doesn’t it?

Prepare for a Fright, Because Ghost Games Are Here!

If you believe that you’re brave enough to grab that flashlight, crack your door open and head down the hallway towards that noise, then be our guest. We can’t guarantee that what you find will be very friendly, but hey, they’re the ones who have crashed your house! You’re not going to get any sleep with that ghost wailing and whining, so you might as well get it over with. Of course, ghost games in house environments aren’t the only kind of fun and spooky game we have waiting for you. Sure, you can run from a specter that’s moved into your attic, but you can also turn the tables on these sneaky spirits and track them down yourself. We even have unblocked ghost board games and ghost ship games, if you’d like a little variety. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

The House is Haunted

Alright, so we have to start off with the classic ghost games house setup. You wake up in the middle of the night, feeling a chill down your spine. The lights flicker, and cold wind blows through your cracked window. You hear a strange creaking sound coming from down the hall. Then, it gets louder, and it starts to sound like a voice. You realize it’s a ghost in your house, and now you have a choice. Will you run in terror, or will you confront it like a true ghost detective games hero? We like to think that you’d choose to track this terror and drive it out of your home, so that’s what we’ll do. Have hours of fun looking for clues and asking around. Where is the ghost hiding? What does it want? Maybe it’s the old man who used to live here before us. You know, they said they never found his body.

Flip the Script

Wouldn’t it be nice if we weren’t the ones being terrorized by spooky spirits all the time? If you want to get to them before they can get to you, we’ve got an awesome selection of ghost hunting games for you to enjoy. It’s going to require some interesting equipment, and you’ll have to be clever, but you just might get the jump on them. Imagine the look on the ghost’s face when he realizes you’re the one chasing him in these ghost games! We love this genre because it makes you think on your toes and track your prey like a real hunter. Problem is, this is the type of prey that doesn’t exactly leave any footprints, so catching up to it is going to be a little tougher. Try our ghost hunting games to find out what we mean by that. Once you bag a couple of ‘em, it will get easier.

Wait, They’re Funny?

It’s kind of rare, but every once in a while, you just may come across a ghost with a sense of humor. Sometimes, death has a way of making you see the comical side of things, apparently. These funny ghost games may even bring out a laugh or two as you work with these chuckling poltergeists to make it through each level with as high a score as possible. Sometimes, the funny ghosts are there to help you as you navigate the tricks and twists within the game, and other times, they may be your enemy in disguise. You can never know for sure until you jump into these funny ghost games, but we like them a lot because it gives you a nice break from the usual, scary ghosts.

These Will Keep You in the “Spirit”

Rest assured, we have enough ghost games for girls and boys to keep you running from the rafters for hours on end, but if you’re looking for some non-ghost spookiness, we’ve got you covered there as well. For example, you can slink on over to our Halloween games category and load up on all the trademarks of the season: candy corn, flittering bats, and even a vampire or two if you keep your eyes peeled! What’s more, you can always just give our scary games category a visit for all kinds of frights, from dead-eyed pigs to troll-faced bad guys! Why not throw a zombie in there for good measure, eh? For now, let’s just get you started off with a few of those ghost games. Good luck, and don’t look behind you!

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