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Let’s Get Ancient with Dinosaur Games!

They may have died out millions upon millions of years ago, but these giant lizards left a lovely legacy in the form of dinosaur games for kids. Who wouldn’t love to play as a twenty-foot tall, five-ton tyrannosaurus rex? These cool dinosaur games put you in control of one of nature’s oldest and most terrifying creatures – good thing they’re gone in real life, eh? They aren’t all big, bad monsters in these games, though. Most of the time, in fact, they’re the good guy. We love this free online dinosaur games category because it brings tons of variety with it. If you want the classic dinosaur experience, running around like a madman and terrorizing everything in your path, don’t worry – we’ve got it. If you are looking for a little something different, though, we have plenty of tricks up our sleeve. Come on in and see what we mean!

They Don’t Just Run and Chomp, You Know

The best part about dinosaur games online, or any other type of game, for that matter, is the ability to make the character what you want. In real life, dinosaurs probably would only care about searching for food and battling against their rivals. We’ve made sure that there are tons of other things to do in this category, though, which is what makes it so great. Who says a dinosaur can’t help you think your way out of a tricky puzzle? It’s all about using your imagination and having fun with these cool characters. You never know what kind of situation you will find yourself in when hanging out in this free online dinosaur games category, so be ready for all kinds of challenges. You just may be surprised by what these large lizards are capable of.

Solve Fun Riddles

Whether you’re trying to weasel your way out of a dangerous dungeon, shuffle some pieces around a gameboard or even shoot targets for points, some of our best dinosaur games involve activities that you wouldn’t normally picture a dinosaur involved in. It’s true that most of them had pea-sized brains, but that doesn’t mean that you do! There are plenty of interesting game types within this free category of games for kids, so just “stomp around” a bit and you may be surprised. You can use your smarts to help your cretaceous-era hero find its way out of a jam. Tearing through flesh with razor sharp teeth isn’t always the answer, you know. Of course, if that’s what you prefer, there are plenty of dinosaur fighting games and other online classics that we recommend for you. Otherwise, take a look at these other fun game types featuring your favorite giant lizards.

Enjoy Arcade Action (“riding,”, “survival” )

What about running, jumping, and high scores? Just because they weigh more than a couple of semi-trucks on top of each other doesn’t mean that dinosaurs can’t get in on the arcade-style fun. Picture all of your favorite classics from the arcade era, but instead of a little puny human character, swap it out with a dinosaur! Hop across glaciers and platforms while the clock ticks away. Fight against those pesky cavemen or other dinosaurs to protect your land and your food. You can even mount one of these behemoths in our dinosaur riding games, but be warned: saddle not included! Whatever kind of arcade thrill you’re into, these online games for kids give you plenty of opportunities to enjoy. Wait, what’s that up in the sky? Is that a meteor heading straight for us? Nah, don’t worry about it. I’m sure we’ll be just fine…

Who Knows What Else?

Look, we don’t want to give away too many of the juicy details, but just know that you can get into all kinds of trouble within this free dinosaur games online category. Some genres are hard to define, so you’ll just have to hop in and start stomping around for yourself. Don’t worry about trying to figure out what play style this category is all about, because there’s a little bit of everything. The main point is that you sample as many of these free games as you can to get a feel for your favorites and go from there. Heck, these games are so fun that they should have their own genre named after them! Yeah, that’s it. They aren’t “dinosaur survival games” or “dinosaur fighting games,” they’re just “dinosaur games.” Give the poor dinos a break – they have already had to deal with extinction! It’s our pleasure to bring them back.

Prefer More Recent Animals? Try Our Farm Games

Did you know that some birds are said to have evolved from dinosaurs? Now, we aren’t exactly positive if chickens are part of this group, but hey, it’s not that farfetched when you think about it. If you’ve had enough dinos for an afternoon, you can fast forward 70 or 80 million years to our awesome farm games category. Strut around the barnyard as one of many classic farm characters and get into all kinds of adventures. Raise chickens, harvest grain, match cool animals for points, and have a blast. From the prehistoric world to a charming farmhouse, there’s no end to the excitement with Kiloo’s free online game categories. So, what will it be? A fuzzy duck, a spotted cow, or a massive killing machine the size of a house? Get out there, have fun, and embrace your animal side.


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