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Don’t Fear the “S” Word!

It’s time to revolutionize the way we see and play school games, don’t you think? Look, we understand that even though school can be fun, it’s also nice to break out of those double doors after the bell rings and play around with your friends. But what if you could do both – keep learning and enjoy a fun new game? It’s not like you’re short of options, either. Even before the dawn of the arcade games era, the gaming industry experienced a small surge in the subcategory of unblocked school games for kids. As early as 1971, schools all over the place had Oregon Trail loaded onto their computers! In that same spirit, combining fun with learning, we’ve dedicated this free category to interesting and engaging online school games.

Why School Games Matter

Research shows that, when you actually enjoy what you’re learning, you will acquire more information and retain it for longer. Plus, adding educational content to video games is a great way to keep kids interested, because games use specific cues and triggers to help the stimulate the release of dopamine in the brain – that’s why they’re addicting! See where we are going with this? By combining school topics with video games, we’ve made learning a whole lot easier, more fun, and more effective. It’s not just one type of learning, either. Thanks to these online school games, kids can sharpen their smarts in the following areas:

Reading Comprehension

Who likes reading out of textbooks written by dead guys every day? What if you could read cool stories that actually interested you? With the right writing, a game can hold your interest for hours. Even better, well-designed school games will challenge your ability to analyze content, interpret hidden (or at least implied) meanings, make important deductions, and flex other important reading comprehension skills. All while having fun!

Math and Science

Once again, in class, you may find yourself running through worksheet after worksheet of boring math problems or science questions. But what if you could connect robot parts together, or use your math skills to score points and earn awesome rewards? Our free school games for kids are an excellent way to learn without even knowing you’re learning, and math and science are no exception to that. We’ve got Christmas-themed math games, science fair simulators with Baby Hazel, and all kinds of fun stuff in store. Even if you think you’re no good at science or math, give these titles a try – you just may be surprised!

Much, Much More

Just as there are many things to learn about in this big world, so are there tons of different game types within this broad category. We’ve got games for kids of all ages, covering simple principles like colors, shapes, and numbers as well as more complex math equations, geography concepts, and more. Whether you’re a kid, a gamer, a parent, or what have you, everyone has an opportunity to benefit from educational school games in one way or another, thanks to this category.

Not Done Brainstorming Yet?

First and foremost, if you can make it through every game in this brain-busting category, then a hearty congratulations to you! If your brain still hungers for bigger and better challenges, never fear, because we have both spelling games and math games categories just waiting for a smarty like you to show off your brainpower. This also gives you a great chance to practice what you’re not good at, which is like rocket fuel for your brain! With school games, it’s all about studying hard and playing harder.

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