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Welcome to the Future of Search a Word Games

Sure, of course, you’ve done a word search at school. Maybe you’ve even taken a book of search a word puzzles with you on a family road trip. You may think you have a handle on what this puzzle games genre is all about, but let us be the first to tell you: search a word has been given a massive update! We don’t just slap a bunch of letters in front of you and tell you to have at it anymore – you’ve been there, done that. No, every few years, somebody throws a wrench in the gears. We are determined to make free word searches tougher, more interesting and more fun for everyone. By establishing an online community for word search games, we’ve added tons of features that your pencil and eraser simply can’t keep up with. 

Too Easy? Try This, Fancy Pants

In general, word search puzzles are actually really easy. The letters are there, the words are provided, you just have to look around for long enough to find them and circle them. Done, easy, great. But what if you want more of a challenge with your search a words game? Maybe you’re getting too good at the traditional setup, and you want to give your brain an extra jolt to stay interested. If that’s the case, then please be our guests. Allow our search a word generator to provide you with endless challenges. No offense to plain old paper, but once paper word searches are done, they’re done! What if you could just hit a button and get a new one? That’s just the start – check out all the features we’ve added to keep things interesting! 


First and foremost, the most obvious way to make things more difficult is – of course – to increase the difficulty level. What does this mean for free word search games online, though? It means that your words will be longer, trickier, and harder for your eyes to recognize. These search a word online games are tricky. They know which words your eyes are most used to seeing. They won’t just use longer words in higher difficulties, but words with less recognizable patterns of letters. It’s amazing how long you can search for just a 3- or 4-letter word! Of course, that’s assuming that you have the luxury of knowing what word or words to look for. What if we just didn’t tell you at all? Now that just seems too mean, doesn’t it?

Hide and Seek

No, we’re not joking. Some of these search a word free games don’t even tell you what to look for! That’s right, they just lay a bunch of letters in front of you with no help, as if to say, “You figure it out, pal.” This is one of the best ways to give your brain a really tough workout. When you think about it, hiding the words is what makes it a true word search game. Why would you need to find what’s already there, after all? A true expert can look around, pick out any word at all, and circle it confidently. Feeling even cockier than this? Try a hard difficulty and hide the words. We wish we could tell you this is all you have to deal with in terms of difficulty, but no – it gets even tougher.  


Even if you don’t realize it while it’s happening, when you’re looking for words in these free online word search puzzles, your eyes are dancing around in your skull like a Mexican jumping bean. They flick left and right and up and down as they scan for pieces of words to recognize. What if you had to deal with diagonal words and backward words too? This adds an entirely new layer of challenge for your eyes, and will definitely slow you down. Sometimes, turning off a direction actually makes it tougher, because your eyes are used to scanning a certain way, and now they have to stop. Direction can be a very tricky thing in free search a word games, so make sure you know which directions are in play.   


Ah, there’s nothing like being in a rush. Knowing that you have two words left, but only ten seconds, is one of the greatest thrills you can encounter in search a word puzzles online. We encourage you to add that time limit so you can really show off your skills and work out your brain, but only at the end. First, you should learn how to find bigger words, search in all directions and even play with a hidden list. Of course, you don’t always have the luxury of mastering your skills first. Sometimes, online word search games just give you a clock whether you like it or not. But you’re not going to quit, because that’s not you! Be quick, be clever, and don’t let that clock hit zero.  

Searching Is Just the Start 

Don’t get us wrong, search a word puzzles can keep you busy for the whole day. If you want to try another way of playing with letters, you can check out our fun word games category and also our free online crossword games. We have an entire selection of games dedicated to much more than searching, so make your way over there if you want to seal your status as a master wordsmith! Finding them is one thing, but building them and unjumbling them is another issue entirely. Good luck cruising this landscape of letters – we hope you find what you’re looking for!

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