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Newspaper, Meet Online Crossword Puzzle Games

The days of running out to the driveway to beat everyone else to the newspaper are over, because these online crossword puzzle games are always here! Instead of just one dinky, daily crossword that you have to use pencil on, our free category has tons and tons of crosswords that you can solve anytime, anywhere. You’ve done one of these before, haven’t you? The rules are very straightforward. You are filling in the blank squares with letters to form words. You either have to write up and down or left to right. Each word is associated with a clue. Solve the clue, fill in the word, and you can use those letters to help you solve other clues more easily because words cross over each other. Make sense? Let’s play!

What Will It Be, an Easy Distraction or a Super Tough Challenge?

Before you dive right into these fun and free crossword puzzles, ask yourself, “Am I looking for something really difficult or just a bit of easy fun?” Unfortunately, if you just use the newspaper, you’re stuck with a pretty hard puzzle every single time. The greatest part about our free selection of crossword puzzle games online, however, is that you get the opportunity to choose your own difficulty level. We recommend starting out with easy, just so you can get the hang of how the game’s clues work. Plus, sometimes it’s better to go through several puzzles in one sitting than just sitting there, scratching your head for an hour. Don’t take our word for it, though, try these free crossword puzzles for yourself! Let’s review the difficulty levels a bit more so you can be prepared.


You may not get the answer right away with every single clue, but it won’t be that hard to find out quickly. Easy mode is all about enjoyment. You can expect slightly shorter words, and in some cases, smaller puzzles that come with hints. The clues will be less mysterious than on harder difficulties, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to work for them. For example, a clue for an easy crossword online game might read, “Italy capital,” where the clue for a hard crossword might read “Nero’s domain.” See, both clues point to the same answer (Rome), but the first one is much more straightforward than the second. Isn’t it crazy how wording can affect difficulty so much? Then again, that’s what crossword puzzles are all about.


Remember how we recommended that you start with easy mode first? This is where we like to end up after a few rounds of practice. Medium difficulties give you a great balance of work and fun. You have to work a bit to get to the answer, which is a great exercise for your brain, but you can solve enough puzzles that it’s still fun. The only time we stay away from medium is when we’re feeling like breezing through a lot of puzzles (easy mode), or when we want a really tough challenge that we can brag about later (hard mode). Of course, we can only brag about beating a crossword puzzle on hard mode if we…actually beat it. Let’s take a closer look at this difficulty to show you what we mean.


Even people who have been doing crossword puzzle games for years can have trouble on harder difficulties. It can vary based on which game you’re playing, but in most cases, we’re talking about really tough clues and lots of uncertainty with the answers. The questions are more open-ended, which means you think you know the answer, but it’s not certain enough to tell for sure. So, you put something down that fits in the empty squares, only to find out halfway through the game that you guessed the wrong thing. That’s the real reason hard mode is hard: not only because the clues are tougher, but because you never know what’s right and what isn’t until the puzzle starts really coming together. Speaking of, if you’re going to try hard mode, we recommend you only shoot to complete one puzzle. Any more is just a headache, unless you’re an absolute pro!

Our Favorite Part About Crossword Puzzles

Here in crossword puzzle heaven (that’s what we like to call this category), we’re throwing hundreds and hundreds of clues at you. There are plenty of games with different themes, which is awesome for keeping a great variety of content, but one theme prevails over all: there is no theme. Sounds confusing, right? Here’s what we mean by that: You can’t study for crossword puzzle games. The clues can be about anything. Capitals, famous people, music, movies, science, literature, and so much more. You either know the answer to these clues, or you don’t. Sure, you could look up what you don’t know online, but if you really want to get good at these things, there’s only one way. You simply have to play more of them. Before you know it, you’ll practically be a genius.

Brain Still Hungry? Try These

Maybe you’ve somehow run through all of these crossword puzzles free games, and for that, we applaud you. Maybe you’re looking for a different kind of mental challenge. Whatever the reason, your brain is still hungry for more knowledge, and that’s a great thing. To help you feed it, we have established two similar categories that will test your smarts. You can keep things “wordy” with our word games category, or you can expand it to other play styles with our good thinking games selection. Both are equally tough and exciting. Until then, you’ll have plenty of work to do in these online crossword puzzle games, so get to solving!

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