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Around the World in 80 Seconds!

There’s no need to renew your passport, pack your bags and fork out thousands of dollars for plane tickets, because these geography games online will give you a global tour for free! That’s right, you’ll get the chance to “visit” the US, Europe, Africa and more as you learn loads of awesome facts for middle school classes and beyond. These online geography games will quiz you on all kinds of stuff, so be ready for anything, because it’s all fair game! We love these geography games quizzes because they’re very educational. You get to learn about this great big world, and everything in it. Aside from helping you memorize the world map, these free world geography games are great for middle school students and beyond. 

Play Our Geography Games for Classroom Success

Isn’t it embarrassing when the teacher calls on you in class, and you have no idea what the answer is? Don’t worry, after just a few hours of these geography games quiz questions, your geography smarts will grow like a weed! Any time you can play a free quiz game that’s actually fun instead of just studying for hours on end, you should take the opportunity. We made sure that all of these learning games are well-designed, interactive and addictive, so you don’t have to feel like you’ve just buried your nose into a book of world maps. No, instead, you can click (or tap) and drag the countries to the proper continents, answer questions in a fun and low-pressure environment and explore your favorite continents again and again!  

The World Is Your Game Board

Another reason why we love this game is the absolutely huge “play area.” You can learn about the world’s coolest and most fascinating cultures without having to search around on the Internet for hours on end. It’s all here in these geography games world map editions, and all you have to do is click. Maybe, after learning about Spain or Morocco or South Africa, you will even make plans to move to a new country one day! Wouldn’t it be nice if you already knew the population, what the flag looks like, and other important facts before you got there? These geography games for kids will help you memorize all that good stuff without being boring. Speaking of stuff to memorize, let’s take a closer look at what you’ll be learning in these free online geography games.

Continents, Countries, Cities and Capitals

They certainly wouldn’t be geography games of Europe, the US or any other continent if they didn’t cover continents, countries, cities and capitals, now would they? This is the most basic level of knowledge in the subject area, and it will help you a ton in the classroom. You could certainly read about Africa, Asia, Argentina, Alaska and all those other cool locales from a book, but when it’s interactive, you’re more likely to retain the information! So, pick a continent, and click and drag the countries within it to their proper positions. Many of these geography games for adults and for kids will give you important information about each country while you’re playing, too, so pay attention. When you’re ready to go beyond cities, countries and capitals, let’s talk culture! 

Cool Cultures and Trivia

Did you know that in some countries, it’s actually polite to burp after a meal? In other countries, there are people hired by the subway system to actually push people onto already stuffed train cars during rush hour! Isn’t the world an amazing place? There is just so much to learn about other cultures, and doing so helps you to enrich your own life. For that reason, we’ve made sure to think outside the map when it comes to geography fun games. Along with learning about which countries go where, we also give you the opportunity to learn about some of these unique customs and practices that make each country special. One day, when you’re in one of these countries, you’ll know what to do instead of looking like a clueless tourist.  

Flags and More

It may seem like a cool design that somebody picked at random, but the flag is absolutely crucial to a country’s identity. In these online geography games and in real life, each country’s flag represents a part of that country’s history. Sometimes, it represents the sacrifices that war heroes made to earn independence. In each geography games quiz, you’re sure to find a flag-matching section, so be ready! We’ll give you a little practice run. Which country’s flag has green, white and red vertical stripes, with a thicker white stripe containing an eagle holding a serpent? It’s Mexico! That’s one down, only a couple hundred more to go. Well, nobody says you have to master every country’s flag, but geography games online are a great place to start. 

Keep Learning with These Other Educational Games

Got the whole world figured out already, did you? Well, we’ll quiz you on that another time, but for now, why don’t you take a stroll through some of our other educational games? If you feel like switching from flags, countries and other geography trivia to numbers, then give our hard but fun math games a try. Or, if piecing all of these countries together has you hankering for another puzzle, then give our puzzle games category a once-over and see how you do. If you can master all three of these categories, you’ll be one clever cookie!

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