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Oh Cats, How We Love You

In free online cat games and in real life, what can’t these hilarious hairball-hackers do? On the one hand, they’re clever enough to stalk their prey and pounce at the perfect time, but on the other hand, they are terrified of things like the microwave and the mop. They’re funny, cute, brave, and loyal. As a tribute to one of our absolute favorite animals, we created a free online cat games category for kids. Whether you don’t have a cat of your own or you just love the idea of a feline hero saving the day, we’ve got everything you need to get your fix. Our cat games online category is completely free, and it’s got plenty of different kitty characters to choose from. Our favorite part? You can find like 10 different genres of games within this single category. Didn’t know cats could do all that, did you?

These Cat Games Are All Over the Place!

Maybe in real life, they’re limited to stalking mice and giving you evil looks from on top of the microwave, but that’s the magic of online cat games – they can do whatever they want! What kind of game are you looking for? Do you prefer to roam a wild and dangerous land, just like the cat that runs away from home? Or is it more the thrill of high scores, point multipliers and hard riddles that you go for? This may sound hard to believe, but we even have games that feature feline heroes clobbering wave after wave of enemies! Really, when you think about it, it makes perfect sense to have these three sub-genres in cat games for kids. Just like kids, cats are curious enough to roam where they shouldn’t, clever enough to solve puzzles others think they can’t, and tough enough to stop anyone in their way!

Fun Feline Adventures

What, you think these hairy little angels want to spend their days chasing their own tails on the living room floor while you record with your phone? As fun as that is (and will always be), when the thrill of new lands and epic journeys call, a true feline hero must answer. No really, haven’t you ever noticed that your cat will leave for a few days and come back in real life? What do you think it does in all that time? It’s not just sitting there, pawing at the screen door the whole time. In this free cat games category, you can find out just exactly what your cat is up to when it roams free. We know you wouldn’t believe us if we simply told you, so have a look for yourself. See? Your cat is a hero! With no fear, it charges forward into the unknown. Nobody can stop your kitty from having an amazing adventure if you help him.

Riddles and Problems

Of course, nobody says you have to travel hundreds of miles and fight your way through challenges to have a great time, right? Besides, all those roadside nettles don’t feel so great on your furry little paws. For cats (and players) who prefer to let their cunning minds do the exploring, we have plenty of cat games that are free to play for people who love puzzles. Whether you love matching pieces together, finding similarities and differences in objects or whatever else, we have cat games online that will keep those brain cells as busy as a cat chasing a mouse. Speaking of the all-time favorite hobby of housecats, some of our favorite online cat games in this genre task you with making your way to a tasty treat or a fun toy. Whether it’s a terrified mouse or a ball of yarn, you’re going to have to help this kitty cleverly make it to the prize without setting off any traps or falling to any enemies.

Runners, Mazes and More

Is there anything more entertaining than watching a cat try to make its way out of a maze you’ve constructed? If you’ve never done this at home, we highly recommend it. The only problem is, you have to make sure the maze has a ceiling to it, otherwise, the cat will just leap all the way out of it. You’ll be delighted to know that these free cat games for girls feature plenty of similar situations. You aren’t always lost – sometimes, you’re just trying to get to a pesky little critter for a nice meal. Other times, you’re running around like crazy, picking up tokens, bonuses, and what have you. We don’t want to give any more away, so just know that this free cat games category is absolutely stuffed with all kinds of content for players with different play styles.

Branching Out? Give These a Try

If you’re like us, you could definitely spend the better part of a day just sniffing, scratching and pouncing your way through this free cat games category. There will be plenty of opportunities, however, for you to move on to different four-legged heroes if that’s what you so desire. In fact, we dedicated an entire section of our site to fun animal games, so head over there if you want to see how the dogs, birds, and all kinds of other animals are doing. Until then, we’ll keep our cat eyes peeled for you in these free cat games – ready to pounce?

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