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The trend that took the mobile gaming world by storm in late 2013 and early 2014, started by Flappy Bird and followed up by many games like Flappy Bird, is still very strong today. The premise is simple. All you have to do is avoid obstacles and/or enemies as you fly across a never-ending level, usually without touching the ground. Tap or click to “flap,” and that’s it!  Why are these games still so popular? Because they’re simple, addictive, and fun. You don’t have to sit down for an hour. You can play while waiting in line, riding in a car, watching tv, and so on. The best part? We’ve dedicated an entire category to this genre so that you can play flappy bird games online for free! If flying is your go to game theme, check out all of our flying games.

What We Love About Flappy Bird Games Online

We absolutely love this genre because it manages to take a simple concept and make it both fun and addicting. These games require skill, timing, judgment, precision, and plenty of patience to master. You can play as a bird, a ball, a human, a submarine, or virtually any other character you can think of. In some of these games, you can earn new characters, upgrades, and customization options. Flappy bird games are both simple and sophisticated at the same time, and we love it! That’s just the start, though. We’ve listed some more of our favorite trademarks from this genre below.

Earn Upgrades and Bonuses

Many people think that games like Flappy Bird are too simple to have customization options, which is totally not true! Not only can you unlock new characters and skins, but in some cases, you can even upgrade your character. In Submarine Dash, for example, you can increase your submarine’s resistance to damage so that you can survive running into massive coral reef formations. In this and many other flappy bird games online, you can also unlock shields, token magnets, speed boosts, and much more. More and more flappy bird games are being developed all the time, which means we can look forward to more fun features.

A New Challenge with Every Game

Ever since Flappy Bird came out, mobile game developers all over the world have been working on fun variations of the game that started it all. You don’t just get rewarded for obstacles, but now, you can also earn points for grabbing tokens, like in our Fairy Princesses game. What’s more, you may have to deal with enemies, too! Every game brings something different to the table. Some flappy bird games don’t even have obstacles. They have floating tokens that you have to collect. If you miss one, it’s game over!

Tap or Hold? Switch it up for More Fun

Just this one feature - tapping versus holding - has changed the we play flappy bird games online. Flappy bird games that require you to tap are tougher to master in terms of timing, but the “hold” feature can be more challenging in other ways. It’s harder to shoot to the top of the screen quickly, for example, if you don’t have the ability to tap quickly because you’re holding. This one feature has created two entirely different game modes. Of course, a true master will perfect both play styles.

Need A Score Boost? Here’s How

If you’re a perfectionist, free flappy bird games can sometimes be a bit frustrating. Just remember, most of these games are endless, so there is no “perfect score.” If you can’t seem to break your previous record, though, the following tips can help you to steer clear of hazards for longer.

The “Middle of the Road” Strategy

There are only two options for where the obstacles are coming in these 2D side-scrollers: high or low! If you truly want to be prepared for what’s coming next, try to keep your character exactly in the middle - not too high, not too low. This way, you won’t have to move all the way across the screen to avoid obstacles. This strategy is easy to forget, so remember after every obstacle to return to the middle of the screen. Our Flappy Ball game is a great game to use when practicing this technique.

Try, Try, Try Again

It goes without saying that, if you want to be really good at anything, you have to practice a ton. Flappy bird games online are no exception. You and that restart button will need to become friends if you want to develop the skill that you need for an awesome high score. Practice isn’t the only reason that you should restart, however. In some games, the obstacles aren’t randomized, meaning you can memorize where they are and get into a routine. The same goes for enemies flying at you from the other side of the screen. You can use their predictability against them.

Ready to Play? We’ll See You There!

If you’re looking for the ultimate test of timing and precision, then our free flappy bird games will give you plenty to stay busy. A word of warning before you enter: these games are highly addictive! They’re high stakes, too. If you mistime one flap by one millisecond, you could smash into an obstacle and lose! Remember, it’s okay to hit the restart button a few times (or a few dozen, we won’t tell). After enough practice, you might just become a flappy bird games champion!

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