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We’re Leading the Pack in Free Wolf Games!

What is it about the furry, ferocious, and yet cute stars of these wolf games that entice us so much? Maybe it’s the frosty blue eyes that stare right through your soul. Or maybe it’s their incredible strength and speed. We’ve always thought that wolves were one of the rarest and mystical creatures you could find out in the wild, and that spotting one was actually a sign of good fortune. That’s spotting one from a distance, of course. If you spot four or five closing in on you at the same time, then that’s definitely the opposite of good fortune. Anyway, to make sure we capture all the sides of the amazing creature that is wolf, we’ve included tons of free titles in this online wolf games category to celebrate this creature. Stalk your pray as a brooding, solitary hunter. Or, join a pack and take down some seriously big game that you couldn’t have handled yourself. That’s just the beginning!

There’s More Than One Way to Wolf

In real life, yes – your wolf options are limited. They hunt, they kill, they eat, and sometimes, they even make good pets (yes, people have had wolves as pets). This alone would be fun enough to amuse for hours, but isn’t the entire point of free wolf games to do things that you can’t do or see in real life? For that reason, we have made sure to provide a whimsical selection of creative, new, and even ridiculous wolf games! What do you think a wolf would say if he could talk? How many wolves do you think you could hunt before the pack took you down? Most of us won’t get the chance in real life to see these ideas become a reality, so that’s why we have made them a possibility here. We have online wolf games where our furry-pawed protagonists can talk. We even have games through the point of view of a ruthless hunter. Let’s take a closer look.

Hunt or be Hunted

Hey, it’s just the circle of life. Wolves use everything at their disposal to track down prey, kill it, and eat it. Sometimes, they even follow baby animals or weaker ones that got separated from their group. Is it any worse that we would the same to wolves? In the interest of fairness, we have made sure to approach our wolf hunting games sub-category from both angles. On the one hand, you can play as a hungry, cold, and desperate wolf looking for anything with a heart that he can eat. On the other hand, you can play as an eagle-eyed hunter with a rifle looking to bag himself a beautiful wolf. Both scenarios could end very badly for our heroes, and both scenarios make for some excellent gameplay. Load up your gun or ready your claws. Hide in the brush or camouflage yourself in the snow with your fur. Wait for you moment, and strike.

Baby Wolf Games for Kids

Even virtual wolf games can be a little bit much for people who don’t like violence, so don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of wolf games for kids just ready to go. Run and jump through the snow, raise pups, and play your way through all kinds of fun and crazy adventures with these wolf games for kids. It doesn’t matter what you do, so long as you’re learning and having fun. One of our favorite trademarks from this sub-category of wolf adventure games is the character design. It’s amazing how much personality you can add to an animal’s face, movement, and communication with just a little bit of game design. Suddenly, that fang-bearing predator that your parents warned you to stay away from when hiking is this adorable little buddy! Of course, that doesn’t change the fact that you should never approach one in real life, but it’s fun to play, after all.

They Can do What Now?

If you think that does it for our wolfs games collection, you are in for a serious surprise. It would take too long to fully list every kind of game in this selection, so we’ll go with a rapid-fire format just to give you an idea. You can play flying wolf games (yes, flying), baby wolf games, multiplayer titles that place you on same or opposite sides, and even wolf roleplaying games. Yup, we really went all in with this one. Whether you want to be deeply immersed in a story, or if you just need a fun distraction for twenty minutes, we definitely have you covered.

Let’s Open It Up to the Rest of the Kingdom

By far, wolves are one of our favorite animals – both in games and in real life. They easily make top ten on our list. Still, there are tons and tons of cool animals out there that you can enjoy interacting with throughout our free games collections. In fact, we have an entire animal category ready to go so you can howl at the moon, swim with the fishes, play with the puppies, and a whole lot more. While you’re exploring all of these animal-related hits, you’ll also come across tons of different gameplay styles. One minute, you might be playing a guessing or matching game with animal cards, and the next, you could be fighting your way through enemy territory as a heroic, hairy protagonist! It’s settled, then. It’s wolf games today, and who knows what four-legged friend tomorrow!

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