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You’ll Never Look at Granny the Same Way Again

These granny games start out innocently enough. It’s just another visit to your dear old granny. You thought you were going to bake some cookies, or help her do yardwork or something. In these free online granny games, though, things take a dark turn almost immediately. “Hello?” As you step across the threshold to granny’s house, something seems different. It’s dark, and she didn’t greet you warmly at the door like she normally does. You walk around for a bit, hoping you will see granny pulling some cookies out of the oven, but you only find grandpa. Grandpa seems to be very upset, and you can’t really make sense of what he’s saying. When you try to talk, he just looks at you with a terrified expression and whispers, “Shhhh. She can hear everything.”

Whatever You Do, Survive

It doesn’t take you long for you to realize that something is wrong. Granny is not okay, and she’s going to try to kill you! These scary granny games are so realistic, even though the premise is way out of left field. Your real granny would never do that, but the game world, story, and especially the audio effects are so creepy and believable, you get scared anyway! Suddenly, your weekly visit to granny’s house has turned into an eerie quest for survival. It seems like she’s been trashing the place since you were last here, and the way you came in is mysteriously blocked now. You have to take a deep breath, look around, and find a way to make this all go away. There are multiple ways to survive, so we will start with the obvious – getting the heck out of there!


When fear grips your entire spine, your natural instinct is usually to escape at any cost. In the granny games horror genre, this couldn’t be any more important. The first step is to explore as much of your surroundings as you can. Sure, the obvious ways out are blocked, but maybe you can find a secret way out, or even make you own way out. As we’ve already mentioned, though, you’ll want to be extra careful not to arouse any suspicion while you’re poking around. Don’t make a ton of noise, and make sure you peek around the corner before barging into a new area. If you-know-who hears you, it just might turn into one of those scary granny run games! You never know what you’ll find in this category, just like you never know what you’ll find trying to escape that disturbed woman’s house.

Find and Craft Items

Speaking of things you might find, pay very close attention to the items around you as you’re exploring and trying to find a way out. Anything can help if you’re clever enough, from a bit of twine and a key to a deadly crossbow. In some creepy granny games, you need to take advantage of the crafting system if you want to survive. Stuck? Take a look at everything you have in your inventory and see if you can combine items into a key, a weapon, or anything else that’s helpful. Whatever it is, don’t spend too much time humped over your loot, because you never know when old granny might be creeping up on you!

When All Else Fails…

We hate to be the ones to tell you this, but in some scary granny games, you might get backed into a corner and forced to make a very difficult decision. Obviously, something’s not right with the sweet old lady, but if you can’t get away from her, then you have to protect your life, right? What we mean to say is… you might have to fight your poor granny to survive. It’s obviously not the best option, but you better at least make sure you have some kind of weapon on you if that scenario ever does occur. If you’re able to scooch around her and out the door while she searches for you, then great! If that surprisingly sharp-eared lady hunts you down and gives you no option, though, just be nice and make it quick.

Granny Games Are Terrifyingly Addictive!

We know that these free online granny games might sound like a bit much from the outside, but once you start playing them, you’ll get hooked on the adrenaline! The most intense part is definitely the sounds. You’ll be conscious of every footstep you make, every creak and crack of the old house, and every gust of wind outside. Within just a few minutes, you’ll start to second-guess yourself. “Was that granny, or just my own footsteps?” Even though the visuals are stunningly dark and impressive, it’s definitely what you hear that strikes fear deep into your heart. It’s also what will keep you alive, and what will keep you playing for hours on end.

It Gets Even Crazier

Found your way out of granny’s, did you? If you want even more ridiculous storylines and zany, comical gameplay, there’s no need to worry. We have a fully stocked crazy games category just waiting for you to take a (confused) look around. You might not always get what’s happening, but each experience will surely be a fun and unique one. There’s really no other way to categorize this selection of games, because each one is just, well, crazy in its own way! Don’t be too nervous, though. If you can survive granny games without losing your sanity, then you can survive anything.


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