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Now More Than Ever, Community Is Crucial

It’s easy to take pastimes that we love like playing with friends online for granted when everything’s going great, but after the world threw us all a curveball, we’re starting to realize just how important games really are. It’s not about being the best at a game, or beating your friends every time, but about simply building friendships with people and sharing in a super fun experience. Now that we’re all on lockdown, gaming has evolved from a small, but precious part of our lives to the main source of social interaction for many of us. That’s why we have dedicated this entire category to online games you can play with friends. Sure, playing against the CPU or against a random opponent can be fun, but when you’re isolated from the people you care about, you want to “see” them as much as you can. Whether it’s Uno online, something with a bit more action, or whatever else you’re craving, we’ve got all the browser-based multiplayer games you need. They’re free, they’re fun, and most importantly, they allow you to invite specific friends to play with so you can stay in touch.

Here’s How to Beat the Corona Boss Fight…

Speaking of “in touch,” we want to take this opportunity to spread awareness about the best practices you can take to ensure we kick this virus in the rear for good! According to the WHO, or World Health Organization, the five tips for staying safe during the pandemic are as follows. First, wash your hands very often. If you have to cough or sneeze, do so into the sleeve of your shirt. Next, refrain from touching your face. This one is much, much harder than you think – it’s amazing how much we touch our faces without realizing it! The fourth tip, and the reason we’re bringing you the ability to play with friends online, is to maintain a safe distance from other people. And finally, even though it can be tough, it’s best to stay at home as much as you possibly can. We all have to get groceries, go to the doctor, and so forth, but many businesses are setting up ways to provide these vital products and services with little to no personal interactions.

Play Apart Together

Thankfully, we aren’t the only ones working tirelessly to bring friends the opportunity to connect with each other through the awesome avenue of online gaming. In fact, the World Health Organization itself is getting in on this idea with their “play apart together” campaign. More than 60 major gaming developers have already signed up, and the list is growing. Basically, this campaign is all about promoting awesome games, offering major discounts (or even free games like us!), unlocking exclusive content, and more, so gamers and even non-gamers across the world can have access to top-quality titles like never before. This means that friends can now turn to the WHO to find all kinds of deals and promotions so they never have to feel alone. We couldn’t be prouder to support this movement, which is why we are bringing our own games to the table. Speaking of, let’s take a little look around this category, shall we?

It’s Like Your Buddies Never Left!

It’s okay if you’re new to the scene – you don’t have to be a hardcore gamer to get started with these awesome “play apart together” games we have set up. For example, everyone knows how to play online backgammon and monopoly already! That’s right, we have plenty of online adaptations of your favorite in-person two player games just ready to go. Of course, if you prefer something a little more outlandish in terms of high-octane action, crazy characters, and an even zanier plot, then we’ve got plenty in that department as well. Whether you’re strapping on a huge minigun and mowing down enemies, battling against each other on the soccer field or the poker table, or whatever else, the point is that you and your friends are doing it together. Now, you don’t have to be alone or bored!

Rich History, Bright Future

A lot of people who weren’t interested in gaming before are now turning to our awesome titles to spend time with their friends safely, which means they probably don’t know a ton about the history of online games. Did you know that online multiplayer games date back as early as the mid-1970s with titles like Maze War (1974) and Moria (1977)? The first was a revolutionary “first-person shooter” that defined one of the greatest genres in gaming, and the second was an equally popular “dungeon crawler” that also spun off into an entire school of games. These early titles were playable with friends on what was called the “PLATO” Network, which was basically the Internet before the Internet. The graphics may not have been what we would consider cutting-edge today, but you could still play with friends from a distance, whether you were blasting baddies or exploring monster-filled caverns glittering with treasure. Ever since this golden era of online gaming, our ability to play with friends online has grown in the best of ways. Today, we have epic online multiplayer games that allow you to play just about anything you can think of with (or against) your buddies, and it’s only going to get better from here. No matter how far apart you and your friends are, we are here to bring you back tougher safely.

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