Drag Race Games

Prepare for the Ultimate Test of Raw Skill

Hairpin turns are all good and fine, but if you want to experience the purest form of competition in the racing world, then it has to be these drag racing games. There are no windy tracks to lose your opponents in here – it’s just you, your rival, and a straight strip. You leer across the track at each other as you rev your engines before the start. The light goes from yellow to green, and you’re off like rockets! Keep your cool, time your shifting perfectly, and if you’ve got that nitrous, then now is the time! We love drag racing games not only because of the heart-thumping gameplay, but because of the huge selection available and the rich history behind this genre.

Drag Racing Games Have “Been Around the Block”’

Ever since “Drag Race Eliminator” hit the arcades and early computers in 1986, everyday gamers had the opportunity to spend a day in the “hot seat” of a souped-up speed machine. Of course, since then, there have been several game-changing franchises, both in movies and games, that have helped to push this genre to the forefront. For example, the super popular Need for Speed movies have spawned an equally successful set of online drag racing car games like Need for Speed Underground and many, many more. If you’re looking for a free and unblocked drag racing game to hold your attention, we have Drag Racing Club, Drag Racing rivals, and much more available. Nowadays, there are literally hundreds of drag racing games out there, and though they’re all unique, they share certain features.

Witness the Evolution of Drag Racing Gameplay

So, how exactly do you play drag racing games? In the early days, winning a drag racing game was as simple as timing your start properly and just holding down the throttle for the duration. Then, we saw shifting enter the equation – just like a real racer, gamers had to shift into the next gear when their RPMs got within the appropriate range. Shift too late or too early, and your car would slow down a little bit, which often costed you the race. Now, you have to time your start properly, time your shifts properly, and use boost at just the right time to win. We also love how the progression system has evolved in terms of unlockable cars, upgrades, and currency. Now, you actually have a reason to grind through dozens or even hundreds of races, because you can unlock entire fleets of cars or tune your favorite vehicle until it’s unbeatable!

It Doesn’t Stop at the Strip

For some adrenaline junkies, there’s no better thrill than outpacing your opponent in a straight shot. Still, if circuit racing and drifting are more your speed, we have tons of racing games and good car games available. Each of these categories will place you in tons of scenarios where you will have to flex a different set of skills, like taking the inside track on a hairpin turn to nudge out your rivals, or even running from the police! We don’t want to give too much away, but just know that these games are just as thrilling as their less twisty counterparts. Speaking of, let’s consider the strip your training ground, shall we? We’ll look for your hot rod in these drag racing games!

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