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Put Up Your Dukes, Because Boxing Games Are Here!

The left one’s a hammer and the right one’s an anvil – your fists are lethal weapons in these boxing games, so get ready to use them! We’ve put together an entire library of the best boxing games online just for you, and as always, they’re totally free! Play as a seasoned veteran in the ring, a rookie contender looking to steal the title, or even a troll. That’s right, we have some classic boxing fighting games, multiplayer battles and even stickman boxing games to choose from. We also have robot boxing games, boxing games for girls, and much, much more. Whether you want to take it seriously or punch your way through hilarious and zany boxing fighting games, we’ve made sure that you can do either one. So, lace up those gloves, take to your corner and give that chump across from your meanest glare.

How to Master the “Sweet Science”

The pros may make it look easy, but boxing is so much more technical than it looks on tv. The best boxing games make you solve all of the same problems that real boxers have to punch themselves out of. For example, how can you beat someone with a longer reach? How can you keep yourself protected while throwing a punch? Should you start aggressive, or wear your opponent down? See what we mean? In free boxing games and in real life, you have to answer all of these questions within seconds of starting the match. If you can learn from your opponent and adapt your strategy in the middle of a free online boxing match, then you just might have the right mind for it. Here’s how you do that.

Chin Tucked, Gloves Up

We know, we know – you’re all excited to clobber that challenger right in the nose, but in these boxing live unblocked games, defense is just as important as (if not more important then) offense. So, always keep your gloves up! Protect your face at all times, and if you throw a punch, make sure to return to your guard immediately after. In some more realistic boxing games, your form might start to get sloppy as you get more tired, so make sure to keep an eye on that. This means that you may have to drop your guard for a second or two, in which case you should just take a step back and get out of punching range. How else can you gain an advantage in a slugfest? Check this out.

Find Your Opponent’s Weak Spot and Strike

Alright, so we’ve already talked about you, now let’s talk about your opponent. In most two player or solo boxing games online, you should be able to notice little patterns if you pay close attention to your opponent. Maybe they let their guard down right before or right after they throw a punch. Maybe they always take a step to the left before they jab. If you can find these little patterns, you will begin to predict your opponent’s movements, which is very important. If you know they’re about to throw a left jab, for example, you can side step it and absolutely cream them with a haymaker! This is one reason why free multiplayer boxing games are so fun – figuring out your opponent’s weak spots and punishing them.

Be Unpredictable

Remember those patterns we just talked about? Well, if you don’t want your opponent to figure you out, then you better switch it up! Maybe you start the round really passive, but then you turn up the heat halfway through. Or, you can move around the ring a ton, and then plant your feet in the middle and hold your ground. Whatever change you decide to make, just make sure that your opponent doesn’t see it coming. The best boxing games online challenge you to constantly adjust your movement, the kind of punches you throw and how often you throw them. See? It’s a lot more than just carelessly swinging your fists around! Be unpredictable in these cool boxing games, and the fists will work harder to find you.

Computer or Human, the Contenders are Waiting

Okay, so you know “how” to box now, but the real question is, “who?”. The great thing about these online boxing games is the multiplayer capabilities. We have 2 player boxing games as well as player vs. CPU, so have at it! Do you prefer to earn bragging rights over a flesh-and-blood rival of yours, or are you content to play multiplayer boxing games against the computer? Each choice has its pros and cons. A human will never be as precise as a computer, but a computer will never be as creative as a human. Hopefully, if you want to win these 2-player boxing games, you can be a little of both.  

Think Outside the Ring

When you’ve finally slugged your way to that title belt, you can take your boxing games online skills and apply them to another form of combat in our fighting games category. Even broader than that, you can bring weapons and vehicles into the mix with action games. Don’t worry about not being good at these after only playing street boxing games, by the way. As long as you have timing, speed, and the heart of a champion, you will overcome any and all enemies with ease! 

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