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They Messed with the Wrong Guy…

You’re just trying to live your life. You never thought you would be a merciless action hero, but they pushed you too far. Now it’s time to show those bad guys why they made a huge mistake! In our online fighting games category, your goal is simple: destroy your enemies. How you do it is up to you, and it can vary based on the game. Whether you like to beat your enemies to pulp up close or pick them off from a distance, we have tons of titles to keep you entertained for hours.

When It’s Time to Fight, You’ll Know It

There’s a time to talk, and there’s a time to fight. The best online fighting games make the hero’s motivation very clear. You’re not just fighting for the fun of it – well, okay, sometimes you are. In most cases, though, you’re fighting for a reason. You’re looking to take down an evil organization, or you’re looking to rescue someone who needs your help. Sometimes, you’re just trying to protect yourself from invaders. Whatever your reason is, there’s only one rule: don’t stop until your enemy is destroyed. Punch, kick, shoot, hack and slash away until you’re the last man (or woman) standing. It’s very easy to know when you’ve won a fighting game. Are you still alive? Check. Are your enemies dead? Check. You win!

Classic Trademarks of the Fighting Games Genre

New online fighting games are always being created and added to our selection, but they all have a couple of important themes in common. From the level design to the combat animations, there are several instantly recognizable trademarks that make this genre so great. No matter how many new tricks game designers come up with, you just have to include one or more of the following elements to make it a truly awesome fighting game. The most important part of fighting games is the fast action that makes the games so grasping, which is also why fighting games are part of our huge selection of action games.

Side-Scrolling Levels

Some fighting games nowadays can be played in 3D, like the ones in our 3D games collection, but traditionally, fighting games were based on side-scrolling level design. Stomp your way through back streets, alleyways, evil lairs, and dungeons as you fight approaching enemies and bosses. If you’re sharp enough, you might even find secret areas that will unlock new parts of the game. Once you scroll to the end, assuming you’re still alive at that point, you may have to deal with an especially tough enemy. Don’t worry about what’s waiting for you beyond the edge of the screen – they will bring the fight to you!

Power-Ups and Point Multipliers

Even a daring action hero needs help from time to time. We’ve made sure to include plenty of power-ups in this free fighting game category to give you a little boost. Whether you need some health bonuses to patch up those battle scars or a weapon power-up to give you that extra oomph, you should always have your eyes peeled for these helpful items. Enter secret areas and pay close attention to your environment to find these bonuses. Who knows, that machine gun or bazooka could be the difference between victory and certain death! If heavy weapon games are what you are looking for, check out our free shooting games!

Epic Bosses

Of course, we couldn’t bring you the best online fighting games category without pitting you against the baddest, meanest bosses out there! You can take out henchman after henchman all day if you want, but you aren’t a true fighting game legend until you can topple the kingpin. The trick is to save as many weapons and power-ups as you can for that big fight, and then unleash on that boss with everything you’ve got! It’s all or nothing, hero – show us what you can do.

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