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​First person shooter games are part of our huge selection of shooting games. Test your aim, precision, and focus through first person shooter games! Feel as if you are on the battlefield yourself - pick up a weapon, think of a strategy and be the last man standing. In case you want to play some more shooting games with guns as weapons, we also have a collection of interesting gun games, so check out that category if you want to keep the battle going! 

What are first person shooter games?

First shooter games are sometimes also simplified to FPS games. They are different from regular shooting games in terms of game design - instead of controlling a character from above, the player sees the game from the first person view. This makes the game more immersive as the player feels as if they are inside the game themselves.

Multiplayer first person shooter games

There are many types of FPS games - some are level based where the player must shoot all the enemies that automatically come inside the range. However, there are also multiplayer first person shooter games where you can play with other people online. These games are more competitive, as instead of fighting AI, one must face real players. If multiplayer FPS games are what you are looking for, check out the multiplayer shooting game Mini Royale 2. In this first person shooter game, you can join online servers from all around the world or create your own private matches to play together with friends!

What are the best free first person shooter games online?

Classic war shooting games or zombie and goat shooting games, we will have something of your interest! Here are some first person shooter games to try out first

  • Play online or host private games! Pick up amazing weapons, find great hiding spots and earn the highest kill score - Bullet Bonanza

  • Choose a game room and play with other players online - Crazy Shooters 2 

  • Multiplayer shooting game where you must fight fellow Santa Clauses - Winter Clash 3D

  • The apocalypse of the world has come and you must save yourself from zombies - Zombie 3D

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