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From Sims to Slayers, Hunting Games Are a Wild Ride

The beautiful savagery of the primal art form that is hunting has now been perfected and preserved in this hunting games online category. For thousands of years, mankind has been fashioning weapons, venturing into the wild, and slaying animals for food and for sport. For decades, indie and popular game franchises alike have been capturing and even enhancing this experience. Far Cry, first developed in 2004, was so successful in its portrayal of both realistic and sci-fi hunting gameplay that it spawned a dozen sequels that are still going strong today. PC and console gamers have also enjoyed Cabela’s Big Game Hunter, Carnivores, Deer Hunter, Primal Prey, and tons of other hit franchises that feature hunting as the best feature of the gameplay. Of course, they aren’t all hyper-realistic simulations; some of the games in this genre have some really interesting twists. The one thing they do all have in common? Suspense, action, and the thrill of the chase - that's why hunting games are part of our huge collection of action games.

Hunt Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

If you’re a hardcore hunter in real life, you can find plenty of deer and other common critters in this hunting games category to track, lure, and kill with swift and silent skill. However, if you’re looking for something a little more, shall we say, outlandish, then don’t worry – there are plenty of opportunities to hunt something you’d never, ever hunt in real life. Let’s just say that things can get a little “scaly.” You might even find that your prey can actually eat you in one bite if you’re not careful! Now that’s real hunting. Let’s take a short tour of all of the fun sub-genres nestled within this gem of a category so you can get a better idea of what you’re up against. Who knows? You just might need to trade in that bow or rifle for something with a little more “oomph.”

Riveting Realism

First and foremost, let’s talk about the simulation experience. Whether you’re marooned indoors on a rainy or snowy day, or if you want to try hunting online before you do it in real life, these free deer, duck, and bow hunting games will have you trained up on the basics in no time. Of course, if you’re like us and most other gamers, you don’t want to sit in a virtual deer blind for three hours like a real hunting trip. Sure, you can take your shot at deer, duck, and other critters in these animal hunter games, but some of the elements have been optimized for a better experience. So, load up, try not to crunch too loudly on those leaves, and only take your shot when you know it will count. When you’re ready for something a little bit more, um, exotic, then boy, do we have a surprise or two for you!

Dinos, Beasts, and More

Alright, so this is where things get a little crazy. You read the heading right: you can even track down and kill dinosaurs in these hunting games!  Even more fantastical will be your encounters with otherworldly beasts, monsters, and other creatures that could wipe out your existence with a quick snarl and the snap of huge jaws. If you’re lucky, you’ll start the game equipped with an equally fearsome weapon. If you’re not so lucky, you may just get a spear and your wits. It may seem at first glance that games of such nature would take you out of the hunting experience, but on the contrary, fearing for your very life with each step you take makes it that much more real. What could be more thrilling than that? Well, there is one thing.

The Most Thrilling Hunt of All…

What could possibly be more invigorating than tailing and killing a huge and/or mythical beast? Well, let’s ask this follow-up question to explain the answer: what if your “prey” was as smart as you? What if they could think, move, and fight just like you? That’s right, we’re talking about a manhunt. Load up your sniper, bow, or just your fists and prepare for the most challenging hunt ever with these free manhunt games. If you prefer to take your enemy by surprise from a safe distance, you can use a sniper. This comes with a trade-off, however, because if you miss, you could lose your opportunity altogether.  

Don’t Hang Up the Rifle Just Yet!

Finally, if you simply can’t get enough high-octane gunplay, then we’ve got even more options outside of this hunting games free category to keep your trigger finger warm. For fans of all things firepower, we’ve got a diverse category of free gun games simply overflowing with lead-flying action. On the other hand, if you get hooked on making the perfect shot from a thousand meters away, you can “sight in” on these sniping games and pursue all kinds of targets, breathing or otherwise. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you focus on each shot and be ready for what follows. In some cases, it’s just the game points that are on the line. In others, one miss could send a fearsome enemy charging right at you! Let’s see if you can keep your nerve in these hunting games, and then who knows? You might move up to the bigger game.

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