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Yeehaw, cowboy! Come on in and explore the world of cowboy games! We have collected the best western-themed games there are just for you. Ready to play, cowboy?

What are cowboy games?

Cowboy games are any games where the player can play as a cowboy character or where cowboys are part of the gameplay. In this category, you can find any type of game - running, shooting, puzzle, or any other genre, as long as it has cowboys in it. There is a lot for you to enjoy, so just pick one and imagine yourself in the role of a cowboy! You can discover other similar awesome games in our games collection for boys, too.

Cowboy gun games

Shooting games with cowboys is a popular type of cowboy game, as usually in movies and cartoons they are portrayed with guns. Cowboy games are no exception - you can protect your cattle and horses with a shootout with the enemies. If you want to practice your aiming skills, we have a huge collection of shooting games for you to try, and if you want to shoot exactly with guns, check out our free gun games. We can recommend the multiplayer shooter game Bullet Bonanza, where you can play with other online players in first-person mode, pick up powerful weapons, and enjoy amazing 3D graphics.

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