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Reimagine your favorite characters in these fun cartoon games! Follow new adventures, continue their story, and become part of your favorite animated movies.

What are cartoon games?

Cartoon games are games that have characters from animated movies. These can be different genres of games, as long as the characters are the same as in a cartoon. Some are fun adventure games, some are all about makeovers or even surgeries! Whatever the game is about, you can follow your favorite character's story. If you want to go on another journey with already known characters, check out our free movie games.

Shaun the Sheep games

Shaun the Sheep is a fun cartoon about sheep. The main character's name is Shaun and in the animated movie he always finds new adventures, and these games are no exception to that. We have a whole collection of funny Shaun the Sheep games for you to enjoy which has been added to this category, or you can head to our page dedicated only to Shaun the Sheep games.

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