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Like Candy Crush? Then You’ll Love These!

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past decade or so, you’ve surely heard of the Candy Crush game that took the world by storm. Something about sliding and swapping sugary snacks captured the hearts of millions, a thrill that we still chase today. Of course, it’s great to grow and change once in a while, which is why you should try a game like Candy Crush or two. In fact, we have set up an entire category of free games like Candy Crush for you to try out! Candy isn’t the only game in town, after all. There are plenty of ways to celebrate this genre online, and we’ve made sure to include something for everyone. Want a different way to match and pop pieces? You never know what you’ll find in this online games Candy Crush category, so take a look and experience something different!

Enjoy Tons of Variety in This Growing Category

Without variety, even a classic as popular as the Candy Crush game we all know and love is doomed to fail. Thankfully, an entire world of games like candy crush has grown around it, so we can all enjoy a little variety here and there. What makes these online games so fun to play? They take the best parts of Candy Crush and make them even better! They add their own twists, bringing in different characters, level designs and gameplay modes. Most of all, they carry this genre forward by bringing something new and different to the table. At the same time, these free games like Candy Crush keep the classic version in their hearts by sticking to the same basic format. It’s a great time to explore a little if you love Candy Crush, especially since these online games are completely free!

Fun Pieces and Design

Let’s get a little more specific about what exactly makes these free online Candy Crush games so fun and addicting. First things first, you may notice that the pieces are all different from game to game. You may be working with fuzzy teddy bears one moment, only to be swapping and matching glittery gems the next. Who knows, you could even find yourself sliding adorable animals around in search of bonus points! This is just the regular pieces, too – we haven’t even started with the special items. In many games similar to Candy Crush, you might just come across some funny looking pieces if you’re lucky enough. Sometimes, you can just click or tap them and they’ll explode. In other cases, you need to match them just like the others in order to get the bonus effect. Either way, it would take hours to break down all the different pieces – better if you just try them yourself and see what they do!

New Challenges

Free Candy Crush games online are also different from the original that we all know and love in the way that they set up the level requirements. Sometimes, you need to earn a certain amount of points to move on, no matter which pieces you match. In other cases, you have to play with specific combinations in mind, because the game will only move on once you have “x” number of combos with this piece and “y” number of combos with that piece, etc. Some of these free Candy Crush games online make it even tougher by adding a move counter to each level. This means you have to hunt for really big combos, because if you run out of moves and you don’t have enough points, sorry! Add a timer on top of all of this, and you’re seriously got your work cut out for you. 

We’re Just Getting Started

Even today, the wave of free online Candy Crush games is still going strong. We don’t see it stopping anytime soon, because thousands of people are still enjoying free and addicting games like Candy Crush every day. This means that we can expect more fun versions, more updates, and all kinds of interesting changes to the gameplay. As gaming technology improves, who knows what could happen? We’ll keep our eyes open for the newest and hottest titles in the free Candy Crush games genre, and as always, we’ll share them with you at no cost. For now, you can familiarize yourself with the coolest and most entertaining variations to get used to the genre. That way, when the new stuff hits, we will both be ready to enjoy it!

The Matching Never Ends

Drag, swap, match. Drag, swap, match. No matter how fancy and interesting free Candy Crush games online get, that simple mechanic will always be at the heart of it. After watching these games grow for years and learning to love them, we have dedicated not one, but two entire categories to them! There’s the Candy Crush game category, which we’ve been talking about this whole time, and the match-3 games category that will bring you even more variety. Everything is jumbled up in front of you in a dizzying array of pretty colors and shapes. All you have to do is find an opportunity to make three or more, create the combo, and watch it chain into other combos. If you’re really good, you might just set off a massive waterfall of combos with one move! You best get to playing, because there’s a whole lot to see between these two categories.

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