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Do you think you have a great memory? Test how good you can actually remember things with these entertaining memory games.

What are memory games?

In memory games, the main idea is for the player to remember previously seen scenes of the game in order to solve a puzzle. Memory games are part of our huge collection of thinking games, as the player must really use their brain and thinking skills. If brain teasers are the type of games you like, we recommend checking out our free logic games, and if you want to test your general knowledge, we also have fun quiz games for you to try.

Match cards memory games

The most popular genre of memory games is card matching games. These games usually have multiple cards facing down and the player can flip them over one by one and see the picture for a moment. As the player keeps seeing more cards, they must match the cards with the same picture displayed on the hidden side of the card. If this sounds like something you could enjoy, we recommend Logo Memory Food Edition and Klara Memory.

What are the best online memory games?

We have memory games for kids and also memory games for adults, so choose what fits you best!

  • Flip two cards with the same cute animal to match them and try to find all pairs - Animal Babies

  • Look at the two pictures and find all of the hidden differences - Spot The Difference

  • Unlock all the empty fields without hitting a mine - Minesweeper Mania

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