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Perfect Pitch Not Required

By no stretch of the imagination do you have to be a Julliard-trained phenomenon to enjoy this music games category we’ve set up for you. In fact, it would be better if you approached these free games with little to no experience! Learning is half the fun, and playing an online game that was meant to support your learning is the other half. Music is truly the universal language, and in order to celebrate how calming, fulfilling, and educational it can be, this category was the least we could do. So drop your hesitation and just give it a try. The less you know about music walking in to this category, the more fun stuff you can “fill your cup” with. For people who are serious about studying music, we’ve got a few titles that at least get you thinking about the nitpicky technical stuff. For everyone else, there are tons and tons of fun games that will have you plinking out melodies, strumming sweet rhythms, and a whole lot more!

Variety Sets the Tone in Music Games

Just as music itself is a huge spectrum, we made sure that these online music games for kids and adults were equally diverse. You can stroll through this category for five minutes and stumble across a dozen genres of music. From American rock and roll to centuries-old classical hits and everything in between, there is definitely something for everybody. In fact, we recommend experimenting with a genre that you don’t normally like, because music is all about exploration! Who knows, you might even find a new passion in this category. As far as the diversity of the gameplay itself, music presents a number of awesome opportunities from a development perspective. You can test your timing with a game that makes you hit all the notes as they are played in the real song, or you can try something a little more creative and create a song of your very own!

Awesome Beats and Rhythm

Even if you don’t have a guitar, horn, or vocalist in the band, you can still make a whole lot of awesome ruckus with just percussion instruments. Heck, you can even pound a desk with your hand, and it would be considered awesome music! Rhythm and beat games harken back to a millennia-old tradition shared by African, Asian, and other cultures. The beat is like the “spine” of the song. Without it, the lead instruments would kind of just be wandering around. Out of this appreciation, we made sure to include several of the best music games out there for people who love a solid beat. Just try getting into one of these titles and not bobbing your head – it’s almost impossible! Bring your skills, though, because becoming a master percussionist is no small task.

Solo Acts or Bands

How do you imagine your ideal musical career? Are you touring the road with an awesome band and rocking venue after venue, or do you picture yourself in a more intimate setting with just a guitar and your voice? Everybody has a rock star fantasy, even if they never end up going into music. In order to capture as many dreams as we could, we made sure to include solo acts as well as bands in this online music games category. If you can’t decide which kind of ensemble you want, then why not just try them all? Lose your instrument’s voice in the harmony of a 4-piece band (or even an orchestra) one day, and then hog all the attention with a solo act the next. The other great thing about this is, unlike bands in real life, you won’t have to “break up” in order to go solo – it’s just a few clicks away!

Tons of Titles for Kids

Music is such an incredible way to enhance learning, which is why school program instructors, educational tv shows and books, and all kinds of other educational resources use it to help teach kids new concepts. When you listen to music, your brain hums with activity, and your ability to process information, communicate, and more is improved greatly. The best part is, you can still have fun while doing all of this awesome stuff for your brain! In this online category, we have some of the best music games for kids around the web. Whether it’s nursery-rhyme level or something for older kids and pre-teens, there are plenty of selections here to enhance learning, challenge your visual and coordination skills, AND have fun at the same time. Amazing!

Always Fun, Always Free

Even if you have to pay upwards of two bucks just to download a song onto your phone, we believe that music should be enjoyed by everyone, no matter what you have in your wallet. For that reason, we’ve made sure to offer these online music games for free and keep them that way. You don’t have to worry about micro-transactions, paid additional content, or any of that mumbo jumbo either. Every game in this collection is always free, all the time! Besides, how can you truly explore this creative space if it costs you every time you want to sample something else? Music is about discovery and exploration, and we’ve got the perfect place for you to do it. We hope to see you – or rather, hear you – in our music games category today!


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