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Climb, slide, run, jump and land on both feet - that is parkour! These games are all about fast-paced action, speed, and mastery. Play these parkour games and show your skills!

What are parkour games?

Parkour is a type of sport where the goal is to perform athletic tricks, such as somersaults, spins, high jumps, and similar.  The performers must showcase great balance and smooth landing on both feet, which makes this sport hard to master. That's why our parkour games are part of our online sports games category, as in these games you can simulate the real sport. Play our free parkour games and train your running, athletic, and agility skills! If you want to practice more, check out our collection of free running games.  

Vex games

Vex is a series of fun stickman games, where you play as the stickman character and have to complete levels full of obstacles and challenges. Run through the tracks, jump on platforms, use zipline and avoid all the spikes. You can see the whole Vex game collection here, and if you want to play some similar games, we can recommend our cool games for boys.

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