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Cats, dogs, parrots, and even tiny hamsters or fluffy bunnies - you can have them all as your beloved pets in these adorable pet games! Take care of the animals and become the best pet keeper or play fun minigames with cute pets.

What are online pet games?

Pet games are sweet games for kids, which are themed around pets - dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, or other pets are all equally loved in these pet games! The games can be with all kinds of gameplay, so in this collection, you will find doctor games where you can help injured pets or simple puzzle games with pet characters. Whatever the game is, prepare yourself for adorable gameplay! If you love pets, you will also love our other cute animal games, where you can play with wild animals or farm animals, too. For some more adorable gameplay, see our wide selection of games for girls.

Baby pet games

What is better than pets? Baby pets of course! Everyone loves baby animals, and online games are not an exception. In this category, you will find cute games with baby animals such as kittens and puppies. Enjoy the cuteness overload with baby pet games! If you are a cat person, you can see all of our cat games here, but all dog lovers can enjoy our free dog games!

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