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From tiny hummingbirds to bald eagles and huge ostriches, there are so many birds for you to discover. Play fun games with birds and learn to fly like one!

What are bird games?

Online birds games are all games that have gameplay with birds. As birds are best known for soaring through the air, you will find a lot of cool flying games with birds in this collection. Overall, bird games can be of all sorts of genres, such as adventure games or puzzle games, so be ready for a diverse gaming experience! Do not let them turn into angry birds, choose a game and let them go for a happy flight in the air! If you want to check some other games with animals, we have lots of free animal games for you to choose from, such as dogs, cats, and even unicorns. Explore them all! 

Flappy bird games

Flappy bird games are bird games that have very specific gameplay, which is based on a game from 2013 that was called Flappy Bird. The game reached unbelievable popularity, which has now inspired a whole genre of gaming. The gameplay is quite simple - there is a bird flying through the sky and you have to tap to make it fly upwards. Make sure your bird does not hit any obstacles and see how far you can get. The goal is to simply reach the highest score possible! If you like this type of gameplay, we have a whole category dedicated to online flappy bird games. However, if you are feeling competitive, check out our high score games collection and fight for your place on the leaderboard!

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