Fish Games

Play fun fish games online

The ocean awaits you - discover all the beautiful fish swimming around! In these fish games, you can play as a fish and swim around or be a skillful fisherman and try to catch them instead. 

What are fish games?

Fish games are part of our free animal games, and are all the games where the gameplay is about fish - big or small, all types of fish are the stars in our fish games! In this collection, you will find feeding fish games, where your goal is to eat the smaller fish to grow bigger, and also you can play many games with fish catching. If you want to practice fish catching, we have a lot of fun fishing games online! After the fish games you can keep exploring the waters with our cool ship games but if that's not your taste, check out our online games for boys with lots of different games.

Big fish online games

Just like there is plenty of fish in the sea, we can say that there are plenty of fish games for everyone to enjoy! If you wanted to play some big fish online games, we have amazing shark games for you to try out. We have also put them all together in a collection dedicated to shark games. Play if you are not afraid of those big shark teeth!

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